Whetstone & Oil

Dedication. Sincerity. Compassion.

God’s word is in fact, the first building block of knowledge. Ancient quests for eternal life and spiritual enlightenment have all taken form of religion. In each religion is a warrior’s code. The Holy Bible provides every necessary tool for us to keep our minds sharp and our faith rustless.

God’s word is the sword that we only hope to carry in its beautiful fullness. It takes years and hundreds of hours of devotion to study. Everyday, children must awaken with their parents and have a chance to deeply and chronologically, in their own lives, relate with the word of God. Parents, especially mothers, have this divine duty to educate their children without frustration but with a love of learning, dedication, sincerity, and compassion. Our souls must be strong enough to handle the fire of God’s word day in and day out. Even if our husbands are gone on business for days or months at a time.

It is not difficult for a child to sit for one hour a day to hear his mother read God’s holy word. No, in fact, every child gains something from Hoon Dok Hae: Daily Scripture Reading gives form and distinction to their life character. Children are capable of watching TV for three-hours straight before they get restless. It is the sincere, compassionate, dutiful, and dedicated mother who will unfailingly wear her robes as a providential teacher to create the daily perfect environment for her children to attribute their time—one hour a day—to the greeting and spoken substance of God’s word. Mothers should never gossip but only speak in truth.

In the tradition of the Messiah’s 5AM Hoon Dok Hae readings, soon, children begin to develop strength in God’s faith. We shall not neglect the Princes and Princesses of Heavenly Father here on this earth even if fallen parents have done worse to us. Everyday, our swords are whet upon the whetstone and oiled before sheathing to prevent decay and rust. So too, our minds must be sharpened against God’s word. His absolute love, life and lineage covers our spirits in oil. Daily scripture readings provide health in both exercise and nutrition to our souls so that our own faith in God may never rust.


Seeking Fulfillment

We can discern two broad courses in the search for solutions to the fundamental questions of human life. In the first, people have searched within the resultant, material world. Those who walk this path, believing it to be the supreme way, kneel before the glories of highly developed science. They take pride in its omnipotence and the material comforts it provides. Nevertheless, can we enjoy full happiness founded only upon external conditions that satisfy the flesh? The advance of science may create a comfortable social environment in which we can enjoy abundant wealth and prosperity, but can that alone truly gratify the spiritual desires of the inner self?” (Divine Principle, p. 3, para 2)


Spiritual desires evoke intelligence freedom love and happiness. The desire to be fully alive yet completely at peace should not have to be parceled away into separate components. The thrill of travelling fast is not separate from the calm of the deliberate driver who steps on the gas.  Internal joy must be manifested externally.


The beautiful landscape of Glasgow, Scotland captured by Sandy Carson portrays the inner longing for adventure and good old-fashioned comradire of Ian and his mates on a biking trip through the West Highland Way. The bikers enjoy the sparse bothies and cold nights as they live to testify to their humanity. Ian admits after he describes his pure cute delight of zipping down a slick rocky road on his bicycle, “Sometimes the stones we find in Scotland are the ones between our own ears.” Fortunately, his zeal for the journey is met with success at the Isle of Skye. His internal objective has been met with a positive physical completion and that gives Ian a deeper appreciation for this expedition in the raw.


Physical happiness and internal joy are not meant to be separate. God and humanity are also not supposed to be divided because God created Adam and Eve as his children who are his body. God is not to be separate from love when He is love. Every love should belong to God. Since there is a lot of love that results in evil it can be concluded that God can only be united with love in His domain and not with love in Satan’s domain. It is important to know and understand Jesus Christ at his Second Coming in Sun Myung Moon.


15 April 2018


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Marco Rubio’s Insistence!

“From the dawn of history until today, human beings have ceaselessly searched for the truth with which to overcome both types of ignorance and attain knowledge. Humanity through religion has followed the path of searching for internal truth, and through science has followed the path of seeking external truth. Religion and science, each in their own spheres, have been the methods of searching for truth in order to conquer ignorance and attain knowledge. Eventually, the way of religion and the way of science should be integrated and their problems resolved in one united undertaking; the two aspects of truth, internal and external, should develop in full consonance. Only then, completely liberated from ignorance and living solely in goodness in accord with the desires of the original mind, will we enjoy eternal happiness.” (Divine Principle, p.3, para 1)


Today we must look into the tolerance of discussion within American society. The earth’s population seems not to even be aware that their stupidity in harming themselves and diminishing each other is absolutely embarrassing in the face of history. Yes, even with technology and scientific development people are unable to enable themselves to create an ideal society centered on God. The ignorance of the whereabouts of our sweet souls and the knowledge of science are at a dreadful imbalance to effectuate an awful degree of illogical-scientific-conclusions made arbitrarily within political correctness.


In order to save science from departing the realm of logic we can no longer ignore our spiritual reality as the children of God. Jesus Christ enforced this idea when he recognized that people cannot just live by scientific allowance but indeed by every word of God.

“But Jesus answered him, saying, ‘It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.’’” (Holy Bible, Luke 4:4)

Here, we can see that Jesus identifies the physical understanding of life by the bread that man needs to live. He also shows clearly that the words of God must also be lived by in order for man to live. Jesus’s every word and the Divine Principle synchronize in perfect logic and harmony. Jesus worked through miracles and the spiritual logic of faith that he made clear at his second coming, as promised. Sun Myung Moon is Jesus’s Second Coming and he also worked through miracles that were scientifically sound as much as they were religiously sound.


The search for the truth in politics is incomplete without the discussion of God. Marco Rubio does not recognize this crucial point in his speech, “Senators on Verge of Throwing Chairs at Each Other” but he does touch upon several crucial methods of searching for the truth. Firstly, he recognizes how crucial it is to be passionate to find solutions to problems as individuals and the Senate body. He discusses the stench of lunacy arising from idiots who immediately smear a politician at the very moment their views do not coincide. The eroding dignity of Statesmen is contributing to the degradation of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, and he plainly objects to such behavior. Senator Rubio emphasizes, “We are becoming society incapable of having debates anymore.” He questions the issue of the elementary skill of adult men and women to hold debates and wonders where America will go if even the Senate can no longer keep their maturity. Indeed, his address to the basic quality of discussion in the legislature is punitary when the important and very necessary conversations never do take place!


Mr. Marco Rubio invites men and women to open the door to their true opinions and concerns but Jesus has already taken that measure and demands that people live by physical and internal truth. God has His arms wide open to welcome humanity back to the Kingdom of Heaven, here on Earth. There is so much work to do yet: Don’t get comfortable with where you are. Let’s go!


14 April 2018

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Buy this artwork! Click here to shop DPconversations Merchandise.


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