Seeking Fulfillment

We can discern two broad courses in the search for solutions to the fundamental questions of human life. In the first, people have searched within the resultant, material world. Those who walk this path, believing it to be the supreme way, kneel before the glories of highly developed science. They take pride in its omnipotence and the material comforts it provides. Nevertheless, can we enjoy full happiness founded only upon external conditions that satisfy the flesh? The advance of science may create a comfortable social environment in which we can enjoy abundant wealth and prosperity, but can that alone truly gratify the spiritual desires of the inner self?” (Divine Principle, p. 3, para 2)


Spiritual desires evoke intelligence freedom love and happiness. The desire to be fully alive yet completely at peace should not have to be parceled away into separate components. The thrill of travelling fast is not separate from the calm of the deliberate driver who steps on the gas.  Internal joy must be manifested externally.


The beautiful landscape of Glasgow, Scotland captured by Sandy Carson portrays the inner longing for adventure and good old-fashioned comradire of Ian and his mates on a biking trip through the West Highland Way. The bikers enjoy the sparse bothies and cold nights as they live to testify to their humanity. Ian admits after he describes his pure cute delight of zipping down a slick rocky road on his bicycle, “Sometimes the stones we find in Scotland are the ones between our own ears.” Fortunately, his zeal for the journey is met with success at the Isle of Skye. His internal objective has been met with a positive physical completion and that gives Ian a deeper appreciation for this expedition in the raw.


Physical happiness and internal joy are not meant to be separate. God and humanity are also not supposed to be divided because God created Adam and Eve as his children who are his body. God is not to be separate from love when He is love. Every love should belong to God. Since there is a lot of love that results in evil it can be concluded that God can only be united with love in His domain and not with love in Satan’s domain. It is important to know and understand Jesus Christ at his Second Coming in Sun Myung Moon.


15 April 2018


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Adage, History, Serene

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Just before this old tree falls, here is one last adage for you: Live a good life and be creative!
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Atom bombs and wars. Pain and suffering. Tears and death. Life and repetition until salvation. This is the history of humanity without Jesus Christ. Nature shows it best.
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Throughout the summer fall and winter and sweetly into spring the petals still cling to the reed.
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12 April 2018

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Spiritual Intelligence

“Internal ignorance, in religious terms, is spiritual ignorance. It is ignorance of such questions as: What is the origin of human beings? What is the purpose of life? What happens after death? Do God and the next world exist? What is the nature of good and evil? External ignorance refers to ignorance of the natural world, including the human body. It is ignorance of such issues as: What is the origin of the physical universe? What are the natural laws governing all phenomena? (Divine Principle, p. 2 para 6)


Living on a prayer never seemed so easy. Just buckle down with a plan and shoot for the stars. Unexpectedly challenges arise that prohibit progress and energy is consumed as problems are dealt with expediently. The ship must regain focus. The mission is not to fight the smaller battles but to win the war. Obstacles must inevitably be overcome. How does the truth win? Jesus taught his disciples how to pray and intelligently grasp the mind and conscience of God through his heart of love. Spiritual intelligence must be explored.


God our vast infinitesimally big or small omnipotent Heavenly Father is just that: accessible in any situation in any place by any person through Jesus Christ. Jesus called God Father. He accessed God through a relationship of filial piety. He honored God by not taking him lightly as a joke even though God is invisible and intangible. Jesus said, “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.” (Holy) Jesus recognized God’s divinity and perfect reality through by naming him with spoken words. God must be spoken of by His children who in turn give him a name. After all, a Father cannot exist unless there are children whom He sires. Fallen humanity lost this intrinsic connection of lineage with Heavenly Father and have thus also forgotten the knowledge of calling upon God with filial piety. Jesus restored God’s name by calling him Heavenly Father.


Scientifically, unless an organism is given a name on earth, it is technically undiscovered. Likewise it is plausible to say that Jesus himself discovered God as Heavenly Father in heaven and on earth. He recognized God and that the spiritual is the cause of the physical. Thus he admitted: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us day by day our daily bread.” God is not cold and empty but here to relate with Jesus and his disciples. Look at the National Apathy Program for teens and young-adults. Its main objective is to get young-people to gain apathy toward government propaganda against the logic of science. “Our government lies. So if it insists Earth is a ball, it means Earth is flat. Call it fake science or anything you want. It’s spreading.” (Berman) Logical understanding exists in physical and spiritual intelligence.


Love is intangible yet everyone knows it exists. It moves when a parent tosses their daughter up into the air and she squeals with delight. Love moves the grandpas to take their grandsons fishing. Electricity between pubescent children is popularized in Fallen culture to look cool and attainable. Gentle patience of spouses as they watch each other grow in perfect union and fidelity is one of the most tender and delicious forms of love. Brotherhood and friendship shine like a powerful diamond against the odds and bonds of loyalty and trust cannot be denied. The logic of love is simple. It is based on God’s love. The Divine Principle explores the intelligence of God’s love in a later chapter. However, Jesus established the first understanding of the closeness of God’s love with not just himself as the Son of God but as the adopted sons and daughters of God in that God is our Heavenly Father and must be approached with repentance: “And forgive us our sins, For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.” After all, if God is the lens of a camera, being the most excellent of lenses, looking at humanity for a good picture He would only be good if he could process the light into a good picture. (Matiash) God created us with His will to have humanity as His children. The repentance of man and God’s forgiveness is the love that creates a space for His light to pull the souls of men into everlasting life. The only way God can hold His children is through the love of Jesus Christ and True Parents.


Jesus recognized reality. He may have felt apathetic to the money changers and scribes and pharisees who acted as antichrists in his time. Jesus knew the law of God. He knew God was his Heavenly Father. Jesus acknowledged the distinction between good and evil: “And do not lead us into temptation, But deliver us from the evil one.” Jesus, the Son of God, paid attention to the physical earth and all the evils present and entrapping on it. He nevertheless first hallowed God’s name as his Heavenly Father. Jesus knew God’s love manifested spiritually and physically as much as he understood the destructive nature of sin in humanity. In other words, Jesus felt it too. However, he chose God. He looked at the facts. He chose God. President Donald Trump is also looking at the facts and is choosing his political course although CBO is screaming the rise of national debt to $29 trillion by 2028. (Decker) Each and every human being has a choice to live by the Lord’s prayer taught by Jesus Christ. In fact, it is a responsibility of men and women who call themselves His children.


The beginning of scientific discovery in the twenty-first century begins with an apathy to nonsense. In the same way, the path of internal intelligence begins with a decision not to be brainwashed away from the reality of God.



10 April 2018


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A plane soars beyond the branches of a budding tree in spring. There is nothing but sky!
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