American Pie

“Donald Trump is the closest thing that America has produced to a Latin American style populist, promising to keep out foreign competition and forcing companies to offer their workers a ‘fair’ deal.”

Dr. Alan Greenspan

I am sure we all feel it—the change. Call it the sweeping tide of the Donald Trump Presidency or the aftermath of His Second Coming; there is a change on the menu. So, pick your entrees wisely. Let’s visit the Holy Bible in 2 Kings 12 as well as a very popular American economist and musician, Alan Greenspan. The Christian financial world is trembling!

The first idea of chapter twelve in 2 Kings is that of a very young King Joash’s reign in Jerusalem. He seemed to have lived a simple life but the Bible makes it clear what his distinct achievements were: In his Kingly authority he learned well from priest Jehoiada and financially orchestrated the revival of the temple of God on a national secular level. The Jewish people were rotting with evil in the high places of worship and the priests let the temple of God decay for twenty-three years after King Joash told them to repair it. In his prime, King Joash led the movement to make Jerusalem great again by forcing the repair of God’s temple.

Political tensions this year 2019 literally parallel the Kingship of Joash. Most notably, President Trump has restored America financially. He brings attention to Christendom and does not persecute any religious group. He simply works to restore and keep the one and only nation that had ever been founded and kept into the twenty-first century on the name of God. Dr. Alan Greenspan actually calls Trump the closest thing America has ever gotten to a Latin American-style populist. At least he’s serving the people and keeping America alive, should it ever be great again.

So, it’s the after effect of the coming and going of God in the name of Jesus and True Parents that always changes civilizations. Have you ever heard the song “American Pie?” It’s an endearing American song about Sun Myung Moon. If you don’t agree with me, promise, that you will go find it on Youtube or in your records tonight and listen to it? It will make you sad, oh so sad.



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