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Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon with Hyo Won Eu

Cover to Cover

It is my aim to go through the Divine Principle with you from start to finish. This is the first article and video of a new series on called Cover to Cover. It is important to understand the truth in fullness and I hope that you enjoy exploring the content of this work of Sun Myung Moon with me.

There are many different views that people have expressed about Sun Myung Moon and his life on earth. The fundamental understanding of Sun Myung Moon is the work that he himself did, regardless of what other people have to say about it. The content of the Divine Principle cannot be identified by anyone else as their word. Really, to know a man, the best resource is himself, is it not? To understand Sun Myung Moon and True Parents as established by Jesus at His second coming, we have to first know the Divine Principle.

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Within the Preface of the Divine Principle we see the great persistence of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon to share the Divine Principle with humanity. It took his entire life to finally canonize an official text that would eventually be included in the eight great texts of the Completed Testament. It is the main text of his teaching.

Scientific studies of Cornelius and Caspi have concluded that the perception of self is more of an external result rather than an intrinsic internal belief of self. The study did not move beyond calculable data but it led to the theoretical understanding that a carpenter is not born a carpenter but is molded to become one by external influences. Likewise, the West Point Military Academy of the United States of America, though it even has an honor code does not mean that all who attend are honorable. Thus, it isn’t always one’s surrounding influences that determine a person’s belief of self. Furthering the idea of self-identification is the practice of yoga, or mind and body unity. Yet mind and body unity without an understanding of the highest mind or cause of energy, is simply impossible.

It is important to study the Divine Principle so that people can come out of ignorance and hopeless dead-ends in order to understand the highest mind: God. Humankind now, through True Parents, have a clear understanding of God that can unite the most internal mind with external scientific study. I will not go into the theoretics with you now. A multitude of science is just waiting to be explored with this truth. Instead, I will show you the rock, the Exposition of the Divine Principle, that the truth exists and that it is available to you.



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American Pie

“Donald Trump is the closest thing that America has produced to a Latin American style populist, promising to keep out foreign competition and forcing companies to offer their workers a ‘fair’ deal.”

Dr. Alan Greenspan

I am sure we all feel it—the change. Call it the sweeping tide of the Donald Trump Presidency or the aftermath of His Second Coming; there is a change on the menu. So, pick your entrees wisely. Let’s visit the Holy Bible in 2 Kings 12 as well as a very popular American economist and musician, Alan Greenspan. The Christian financial world is trembling!

The first idea of chapter twelve in 2 Kings is that of a very young King Joash’s reign in Jerusalem. He seemed to have lived a simple life but the Bible makes it clear what his distinct achievements were: In his Kingly authority he learned well from priest Jehoiada and financially orchestrated the revival of the temple of God on a national secular level. The Jewish people were rotting with evil in the high places of worship and the priests let the temple of God decay for twenty-three years after King Joash told them to repair it. In his prime, King Joash led the movement to make Jerusalem great again by forcing the repair of God’s temple.

Political tensions this year 2019 literally parallel the Kingship of Joash. Most notably, President Trump has restored America financially. He brings attention to Christendom and does not persecute any religious group. He simply works to restore and keep the one and only nation that had ever been founded and kept into the twenty-first century on the name of God. Dr. Alan Greenspan actually calls Trump the closest thing America has ever gotten to a Latin American-style populist. At least he’s serving the people and keeping America alive, should it ever be great again.

So, it’s the after effect of the coming and going of God in the name of Jesus and True Parents that always changes civilizations. Have you ever heard the song “American Pie?” It’s an endearing American song about Sun Myung Moon. If you don’t agree with me, promise, that you will go find it on Youtube or in your records tonight and listen to it? It will make you sad, oh so sad.



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Get Good Insurance!

Hello Everybody,

Welcome back to DPconversations. Everyone has questions about their right to bear arms. As soon as the question is raised, the talk of American freedom rights is jeopardized. Good news: U.S. LawShield Members know how to fight for the little guy in a critical defense situation. They say that ignorance is never above the law but we all know that evil uses the law and twists it well to get evil results against good people.

Let’s look at Genesis 3. It’s the chapter about Satan tricking Eve into eating the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yes, that one. So, God finds out about their sin eventually and His precious ex-son Adam, tells God that he had no idea what he was doing…just that Eve told him to do it. Eve, on the other hand, blames the serpent for tricking her. If a good person is tricked into doing evil they are not above the law!

His precious ex-son Adam, tells God that he had no idea what he was doing…

Luckily, there is insurance for gun owners who do defend themselves in a tricky situation. U.S. LawShield is the company that defends New Jersey gun owners. If something wrong should happen, gun-owners are covered with legal back-up so that our defense of ourselves do not put us behind bars according to the legal persecution of an aggressive civilian or the monster called the state criminal system. The insurance is the indemnity that we pay to have our backs covered.

Beyond U.S. LawShield, the one and only Heavenly Father is paying for our salvation with the course of indemnity of His precious and true son: Jesus. Jesus came at his first coming to indemnify all our sins on the cross. Jesus came at his second coming to indemnify all our sins as the True Parents who physically restored the sexual organs—the original cause of the fall. There is a lot we can take from Genesis 3 but this main point, that Jesus takes all sin and indemnifies it, is crucial to understand. That is Jesus’s role in God’s Providence. We must each play our part.

Happy Veterans’ Day 2019!