Absolute Values

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Christian culture will now have a devastating impact on the world in the Last Days.

“What motivation led to the birth of this created world? God created heaven and earth because He needed love. Based on this, the doctrine of God in modern Christian theology is in error. They say that the absolute God of power can subsist on power alone. This is why, wherever Christian culture has gone, blood has been spilled. Based on this logic we can foresee that, although Western Civilization has developed in accordance with Christian culture, Christian culture will now have a devastating impact on the world in the Last Days.” (CSG 85)

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Honest Happiness

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As poetic as the discussion of God should be, the only chance of romance is whether the structure of love is first discussed and fully understood. Homosexual, transgender, and adulterous people claim that love is changeable in various relationships and experiences between men and women. To the advantage of humanity, love is indeed intangible and continuous in its original form. People are shaped by it and not the other way around. Nobody can lay their claim to love and say that they have molded it according to their desires. Love is not a force of energy that any one person holds. Does God even claim love all for Himself? He is love, after all…but no. He does not claim it all for Himself. God has given His children the full ability to act freely in love.

So, what is this invisible omnipotent force that has got so many Americans and Europeans waving homosexual flags and other tokens of twisted-love at Harry Styles concerts over all the world? (Heller) Just to clarify, the desire for love and freedom can either be good or bad—much like a wild horse in North-eastern California. According to Laura Snell, an agronomist at the University of California, the gross overpopulation of horses is contaminating essential water sources and crops. Although once seen as the symbol of American freedom and gusto, experts like equine biologist Sue McDonald agree that the American frontier will be permanently changed without proper management of the horses. Although the land naturally produces an abundant 30 million lbs. of forage, the uncontrolled population of horses need an additional 6 million lbs. of forage to live. (Shaer, p.11-12) In this sense, the desire for love too like a wild horse population, has in the twenty-first century gone absolutely rampant without a sustainable structure of support. One must admit that however ugly the situation may actually be, the horse itself is neither good nor bad. It is just a horse! Likewise, people have desires for love that must be met.

“People feel joy when their desires are fulfilled. The word ‘desire,’ however, is often not understood in its original sense, because in the present circumstances our desires tend to pursue evil rather than good. Desires which result in injustice do not emanate from a person’s original mind. The original mind is well aware that such desires lead to misfortune. Therefore, it repels evil desires and strives to follow the good. Even at the cost of their lives, people seek for the joy that can enrapture the original mind. This is the human condition: we grope along exhausting paths to cast off the shadow of death and search for the light of life.” (Divine Principle, p.1 para2)

Desire itself can either be good or evil. Don’t blame love for the problems of the world! Love itself is mistreated by evil human desires. God gives humanity a choice to either be good or bad. For instance, PETA can either use its millions of dollars to substantially support animal well-being or it can euthanize the thousands it says it protects every year—secretly, of course—and instead buy publicity from mainstream news outlets and college campus demonstrations. (Hypocrisy) PETA may use its money to do either good or bad deeds that will conclusively affect the lives and deaths of thousands of cats and dogs. In parallel, individual desires may also originate from a good or evil mind and result in good or bad actions. The source of good in any human being is called the original mind. The original mind rejects evil thoughts, desires, and actions. It is the mind of justice and logic and aberration to abuse and misfortune. Desires can either spring forth from a fallen mind or the original mind.

Jesus is the son of God with original mind. He walked this earth and told his disciple Paul one thing in Acts 18:9-10. Jesus told Paul to speak! (Holy Bible) God has fearsome words that will divide us from the shadow of death, which, is anything besides the original mind. The original mind is the well-spring of good desires that will result in true love. Unhappiness is when people keep their mouths shut although they have something to say. Honest happiness is when good desires are fulfilled.



March 21, 2018


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