Branches of the One True Vine

No. It is not absurd to know the times

Spherical thoughts not singular planes

Train. To be free physically as the soul prospereth

Finally drawing her diamond threads

Prepare. Psalms 82 verse 6 “I said, ‘You are “gods”;

You are all sons of the Most High.”

Defend. Women who know their strength and place.

God’s Sons and Daughters bring joy and peace.

Truth. Ultimate self-respect on men.

Firmly stand in His repentance.


Whetstone & Oil

Dedication. Sincerity. Compassion.

God’s word is in fact, the first building block of knowledge. Ancient quests for eternal life and spiritual enlightenment have all taken form of religion. In each religion is a warrior’s code. The Holy Bible provides every necessary tool for us to keep our minds sharp and our faith rustless.

God’s word is the sword that we only hope to carry in its beautiful fullness. It takes years and hundreds of hours of devotion to study. Everyday, children must awaken with their parents and have a chance to deeply and chronologically, in their own lives, relate with the word of God. Parents, especially mothers, have this divine duty to educate their children without frustration but with a love of learning, dedication, sincerity, and compassion. Our souls must be strong enough to handle the fire of God’s word day in and day out. Even if our husbands are gone on business for days or months at a time.

It is not difficult for a child to sit for one hour a day to hear his mother read God’s holy word. No, in fact, every child gains something from Hoon Dok Hae: Daily Scripture Reading gives form and distinction to their life character. Children are capable of watching TV for three-hours straight before they get restless. It is the sincere, compassionate, dutiful, and dedicated mother who will unfailingly wear her robes as a providential teacher to create the daily perfect environment for her children to attribute their time—one hour a day—to the greeting and spoken substance of God’s word. Mothers should never gossip but only speak in truth.

In the tradition of the Messiah’s 5AM Hoon Dok Hae readings, soon, children begin to develop strength in God’s faith. We shall not neglect the Princes and Princesses of Heavenly Father here on this earth even if fallen parents have done worse to us. Everyday, our swords are whet upon the whetstone and oiled before sheathing to prevent decay and rust. So too, our minds must be sharpened against God’s word. His absolute love, life and lineage covers our spirits in oil. Daily scripture readings provide health in both exercise and nutrition to our souls so that our own faith in God may never rust.


Fairytale Holy Blessing

Fairytale Castle

Everyone fantasizes about having a fairytale love but the ideal of a perfect marriage is closer to reality than we want to admit. Our traditions of sexual purity before marriage and centering our love life and lineage on God provide tools to keep a long healthy marriage despite setbacks such as Satanic parental influences and our selfish expectations of marriage. The good days are closer than we think.

Most Second Generation of the Unification Church, such as myself and my husband go into marriage as virgins. It is not unusual for the participants to even be so pure as to not know how sex is performed, with the penis and vagina. I was in utter shock when my husband put his penis into my body: I had not known such a thing was possible. The Holy Blessing gives men and women the opportunity to discover sex for the first time with God as their center. This pure union is vital to extending our innocence into marriage and then into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and into the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven.

Unfortunately, many setbacks lie in the wake of Blessed Couples. Satanic cultural influences are actually first the most threatening in the form of our parents, who have been reared in Satanic families. The most fearsome thing is when your mother-in-law, whom you trust with absolute obedience proclaims that you are not a virgin and brainwashes your husband and the entire family to treat you like trash. It is scary when you are unable to even finish college because your husband believes that you are promiscuously giving yourself to every fellow there simply because his mother told him so. How does one save a Blessing like that? It is only by God’s grace that Blessed couples can overcome such a horrific atrocity in their lives and continue their Holy Blessing marriage centered on His love life and lineage.

Men and women who are born of God’s lineage usually have very high expectations of each other. However, given our naiveté and the Satanic setbacks we do endure, it is sometimes unreasonable to expect our hopes for education goals, financial reach, and societal prominence to be established immediately. Instead, with great perseverance in the ideal we find ourselves following the thorny footsteps of God, Jesus, and True Parents in every step of our existence. The Holy Blessing is the only path to achieving the ultimate ideal.


High Soaring

Sunflowers in the sky!

So glad for you when you found your healing

But how long you took!

Patient and generous was I long enduring

Freedom cornered into books!

Now that You’ve come we come out roaring

Form our muscles and looks.

Against all odds we fly high soaring.

God got us off the hook.


Don’t You Want To Be Free?

Robert Earl Jones, photographed for the Langston Hughes play “Don’t You Want To Be Free?”

Does Race Matter?

The Kingdom of Heaven is not just for the Korean people. When you join the Moonies you may marry a Korean. It doesn’t mean that you are one! When I go down to a black Baptist church in New York City that doesn’t make me black. God does not judge His children based on race.

Look at the life of Robert Earl Jones. He worked in theater and put himself to many important projects to showcase African American life only to be blacklisted as un-American by the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1950. (Andrews) Understandably the House Un-American Activities Committee were under a spell called racism. Satan used this group of people to harm the notable theatrical achievements of Mr. Jones. He was simply a productive American man, nothing un-American there! Later, the U.S. National Black Theatre Festival redeemed Robert Earl Jones with a lifetime achievement award. As such, any objectified standard based on Satanic understanding of racial superiority is not an absolute measure and thus has nothing to do with God.

God Himself is absolute! When we true children of God see each other, we don’t really think about race. So, this sister is half Japanese with freckles and an afro. OK, so this brother is as tall as a giraffe but has asian eyes and glasses. It really doesn’t matter! Generally the Second Generation of the Unification Church just have fun playing frizbee or literally climbing trees together. Now that we are older the secular world bores us to death.

Any objectified standard based on Satanic understanding of racial superiority is not an absolute measure and thus has nothing to do with God.

The encumbrances of the black racial pride movement is not only filled with love and appreciation for the African American race but also full of hatred towards non-black and folks who really don’t know anything about people like Robert Earl Jones. Reverend Sun Myung Moon never made one race superior over another in his quest to identify the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in His lifetime. He greatly appreciated Korean familial culture and linguistic methods of respect and love in that tradition and language. He has even said many times in front of me during morning scripture readings that he absolutely hates English because it lacks distinction in approaching another with the proper form of love.

Again, God does not judge you by your race but by the words that come out of your mouth, as Jesus once said.

– Somiya


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Hope Against Sorrow

Freedom & Responsibility

Building Strength

Ever wonder how some people stay so cheerful? Many helpful resources encourage people to stay positive. Just look in the mirror. Are we exactly where we want to be? Is our self-image satisfying? Usually our own happiness is not about what others are doing or how they themselves are in ecstatic joy. Real struggles or unwanted burdens are personal and sometimes more than we can take.

When things get overwhelming our emotions often ensnare us into a bad mood. Sadly, that bad mood worsens when we cannot find solutions to our problems. Yet it is a great American attitude to traditionally be able to solve any issue if we just think hard enough. So, we turn to the Holy Bible. As we see in Genesis 6, God’s greater struggle and sorrow emcompasses that of the entire existence of humankind. At least we can take comfort in the fact that we are truly not alone. Someone else understands, in much greater depth, the troubles that we face in life.

“The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled.” Genesis 6:6

God’s solution to his regret was to use a man called Noah who “found favor in [His] eyes.” (Genesis 6:8) God did not just randomly wipe out the human race with the flood. He worked through an invisible intangible faith based relationship with Noah to save the human race. People had even gone so far to fornicate with the Nephilim and had completely perverted themselves. On a secular level, pure little Noah must have looked corrupt in his innocent life as he did not partake in the worldly culture to enjoy himself with abandon. Instead of relating with people, Noah related with only one God for his entire life to build a boat in the desert. How crazy he must have looked!

Yet Noah’s strength and spiritual joy was non-negotiable. He worked on improving himself a little bit more everyday as he built this gigantic arc in the desert that would one day house all the land creatures that God had created. If he had focused on the perception and disbelief of others toward himself he may not have succeeded in building that boat. His productive faith was his strength. Let’s remember, that Noah’s work was God’s solution to eradicate the complete corruption of the rest of the people on earth. Noah carried an inhuman burden with joy and strength because his faith and exercise toned his muscles (spiritually and physically) to bear the weight of his responsiblity.

Today, we can pull up blogs and articles on the internet that offer great advice to stay happy. In an article that lists seven ways to stay happy, four out of those seven points—that’s over half!—propose different ways to enjoy creation. (Mcdonnell) The great outdoors was created for the learning and enjoyment of God’s children, anyways! Point two of the article even recommends that reading be done outside so that we can relax and learn and at the same time soak in all the fresh air. Our wonderful True Father took it to the next level. He established prayer points on properties all over the world outdoors! Our lovely wonderful Heavenly Father wants to meet us in joy as we carefully shoulder the responsibility of our freedoms in God.



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Shoot Correctly

Image from: 2a1791apparel Instagram posts. Check them out!

Dear Readers,

My previous post about having good insurance will only go so far when you are in a critical situation. Obviously, if you are defending your home against an offender you should shoot him dead. Guns are deadly weapons. Freedom is always first attacked with the prohibition of guns because criminals do not want to die, even if they hurt or murder others themselves. We shall not let evil people take guns away from the remnant of good gun owners in America!

To guard the freedom to bear arms for self-defense and a citizen militia we must take care to legally stand in the right and fight for its protection. They say practice makes perfect. It is as true in learning a violin as it is in handling a gun of any kind. So, we must make sure to go the range often and practice, at least once a month. Please encourage others around you to responsibly prepare to defend themselves as part of the good gun owners of America.

God bless you my brothers and sisters!


American Pie

“Donald Trump is the closest thing that America has produced to a Latin American style populist, promising to keep out foreign competition and forcing companies to offer their workers a ‘fair’ deal.”

Dr. Alan Greenspan

I am sure we all feel it—the change. Call it the sweeping tide of the Donald Trump Presidency or the aftermath of His Second Coming; there is a change on the menu. So, pick your entrees wisely. Let’s visit the Holy Bible in 2 Kings 12 as well as a very popular American economist and musician, Alan Greenspan. The Christian financial world is trembling!

The first idea of chapter twelve in 2 Kings is that of a very young King Joash’s reign in Jerusalem. He seemed to have lived a simple life but the Bible makes it clear what his distinct achievements were: In his Kingly authority he learned well from priest Jehoiada and financially orchestrated the revival of the temple of God on a national secular level. The Jewish people were rotting with evil in the high places of worship and the priests let the temple of God decay for twenty-three years after King Joash told them to repair it. In his prime, King Joash led the movement to make Jerusalem great again by forcing the repair of God’s temple.

Political tensions this year 2019 literally parallel the Kingship of Joash. Most notably, President Trump has restored America financially. He brings attention to Christendom and does not persecute any religious group. He simply works to restore and keep the one and only nation that had ever been founded and kept into the twenty-first century on the name of God. Dr. Alan Greenspan actually calls Trump the closest thing America has ever gotten to a Latin American-style populist. At least he’s serving the people and keeping America alive, should it ever be great again.

So, it’s the after effect of the coming and going of God in the name of Jesus and True Parents that always changes civilizations. Have you ever heard the song “American Pie?” It’s an endearing American song about Sun Myung Moon. If you don’t agree with me, promise, that you will go find it on Youtube or in your records tonight and listen to it? It will make you sad, oh so sad.



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica, Inc., 2011. Print

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Get Good Insurance!

Hello Everybody,

Welcome back to DPconversations. Everyone has questions about their right to bear arms. As soon as the question is raised, the talk of American freedom rights is jeopardized. Good news: U.S. LawShield Members know how to fight for the little guy in a critical defense situation. They say that ignorance is never above the law but we all know that evil uses the law and twists it well to get evil results against good people.

Let’s look at Genesis 3. It’s the chapter about Satan tricking Eve into eating the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yes, that one. So, God finds out about their sin eventually and His precious ex-son Adam, tells God that he had no idea what he was doing…just that Eve told him to do it. Eve, on the other hand, blames the serpent for tricking her. If a good person is tricked into doing evil they are not above the law!

His precious ex-son Adam, tells God that he had no idea what he was doing…

Luckily, there is insurance for gun owners who do defend themselves in a tricky situation. U.S. LawShield is the company that defends New Jersey gun owners. If something wrong should happen, gun-owners are covered with legal back-up so that our defense of ourselves do not put us behind bars according to the legal persecution of an aggressive civilian or the monster called the state criminal system. The insurance is the indemnity that we pay to have our backs covered.

Beyond U.S. LawShield, the one and only Heavenly Father is paying for our salvation with the course of indemnity of His precious and true son: Jesus. Jesus came at his first coming to indemnify all our sins on the cross. Jesus came at his second coming to indemnify all our sins as the True Parents who physically restored the sexual organs—the original cause of the fall. There is a lot we can take from Genesis 3 but this main point, that Jesus takes all sin and indemnifies it, is crucial to understand. That is Jesus’s role in God’s Providence. We must each play our part.

Happy Veterans’ Day 2019!


We Are True Children of God

The technicalities of the Unification Church leaders that worked in their own authority underneath True Father are now being held to the light as false restraints over the children born of God’s lineage; Especially the false construct of true child versus blessed child are torn asunder as Satanic trash by the Messiah himself. Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon explains his previous words on this issue with a clear discussion of Satan in Today’s reading. We do not fall into uncertainty of the truth now. God’s word is clear. “Hear it from the horses’ mouth” here on DPconversations.

Listen to “We Are True Children of God” DPconversations podcast by clicking here.

Listen to “We Are True Children of God” DPconversations podcast by clicking here.

“How long will the Unification Church last? The Unification Church must persist until it liberates our planet Earth, the spirit world, and, ultimately, with a heart of love, God. We must ultimately liberate humankind, the spirit world and God. I am sure you are hearing this for the first time. So far we have looked to God to liberate us, but in fact, we have to liberate God. You should know that God’s heart has been restrained.”

You should know that God’s heart has been restrained.

CSG 143

Listen to “We Are True Children of God” DPconversations podcast by clicking here.


천성경. Cheon Seong Gyeong. Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Sunghwa Publishing Company. May 2006. (141-150)