You and I

Picture from underneath my baby red-maple tree!

Finally, the soil supports creation under my love

It’s not under scorn-love besides the midst of evil

Creation rejoices with the children of God.

In slow ways and in patience we call our wins.

I see God’s stakes and I have not forsaken him.

Do you see him too?

Then we are the same, you and I.

You and I forever. You and I.


Fire In My House

I watched the fire from far away down the road in the car with the children.

All To Be Had

Fire so hot

Smoldering walls

“All get out!”

Call 911.

Red bricks

Breathless corners

Rescue teams

And sirens

Men in black

Gentle strength

A kind word

And a smile

Change in perspective

From evil to good

Love grows

God knows.

Kings and Queens

American dreams

God, Jesus, True Parents

All to be had.

I watched the smoke bellow out of our roof at 2:30AM this morning as Alex and I got all our kids into the car away from the fire. My husband and I had been up all night in deep discussion of all the world events (near and far) in relation to us and God. Our fireplace had a lovely warm fire behind the closed safety grate and we were ready to go to bed. I had just walked to the bathroom when suddenly, my husband yelled out to me, “Come here Omma! Look, there’s smoke coming out of our wall.” We realized that somehow, our walls had begun to burn internally around the chimney. In a rush, my husband called 911. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Soon, firefighters arrived. The house was broken and the fire was put out. We are all OK. God saved us by keeping us awake that night. Otherwise, this morning, we would all have been without a home or worse, dead.

I hope you enjoyed my poem.

– Somiya

Alz Timers

The world keeps turning

Alz Timers

Time lies still, in between pursuits

Draw a blank on “What can I do?”

Hard to be my own coach

From a hard place and catching jobs

To being someone who has had her run

The world keeps turning

Time catches my emptiness in the margins.

That empty feeling when work is done

Rushing confusion. Rushing confusion.

Pain. Pain. Pain — blank.

What was I doing again?

And then I think of you.


Happy Birthday Kimchi

I’ve had a friend like you before, fair and tall and oh so good with people

She would take my hand and skip along, be my confidant. I would give her my humor and my time.

That’s how we grew up: best friends.

Along the way a little sale went up and she was bought with the devil’s grin

And though the time passes there she remains enchanted by the spells of money and fame

Away away our friendship went not because she hated me but because she hated God

She told me with these last words that our friendship would burn with her in hell

“You and I only know each other because of this church. Sun Myung Moon. We are not friends.”

I honestly hope you’ll leave the carnival before time runs out on the devil’s ferris wheel.


Introduction. Cover to Cover Be Useful! | DPconversations

Joyful perfect love

To Be Useful

I have no more tears

when I think of you

I’ve a friend all blue

It’s not so bad, have cheer

Joyful perfect love

The fun you bring to me

Wrench me not from Him

To fall from clouds on trucks.

Where your mind lingers, I knoweth not

But you have found my heart

You have put it in your threads

So we are not apart.

Joy is in relationships

True Parents’ transparent realm

In Jesus’ name redeemed from sin

Complete with love, behold!

truth is freedom

discipline ~ strength

origin foundation purpose

Now Come!


This is a ‘Cover to Cover’ article. It’s actually my take on the Introduction of the Divine Principle. I am having some problems with my computer, recently. I couldn’t bring myself to type out an article of the Intro to the Divine Principle so my technical problems served as a legitimate excuse to delay my work. I have been painfully mulling over a good delivery of the text for a few days. The Introduction itself is self-explanatory and very beautiful to read.

After ripping my mind apart for the best way to share the Intro with you, I decided to give it heart-to-heart with a poem. My reflection on being useful to God started with an obvious answer, that we become responsible men and women who can create His Royal Family on earth as it is in Heaven! Yet the human life is not entirely in the love-making phase. Of course, there is childhood, and the time when we are not mating.

I came to the conclusion that we are most useful to God when we are filled with joy. The act of sex is usually seen as the Fall but scientifically and from God’s untainted perspective, it is the most holy and miraculous love. Jesus and True Parents are the structure of God’s truth, not of your sins. The redemption of sin and the establishment of the restored Adam and Eve has now been fulfilled in True Parents. Sex, ideally, brings the most joy to God. People perverted love at its core with Satan and he owns you unless you choose to serve God and attend His perfect love with your life.


Update on Feb. 14, 2020: Click here to watch the accompanying video.


Exposition of the Divine Principle. Canonized by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. HSA-UWC. 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. 1996.

His Inaction

Inspired to call her but never to speak

Had to learn yet more but so no one could see

But then!

You wasted her time.

Be gone from me you little cheap!

Foolish scrap from the hands of thieves!

How cold:

Knowledge without compassion.

“[He] love(s) no one,” so self-convinced

A sink drain blocked by mineral composites

To learn!?

His affects mere mockery!

To her no profit at the expense of life

One life to live, now strapped for time.


His inaction upon an empty line.

Feel free to get the free download of the Divine Principle above. It’s as much as I can give you, as I have downloaded it off of, myself. Likewise, I’ve also posted the Cheon Seong Gyeong and the Peace Messages.

Don’t wait on me to take you through the Divine Principle again…I already did that with my YouTube videos–for five years! Now, they are mostly not public anymore. Were they working for you? Maybe you should read my poem let me know.


Jesus On the Water

Across the Misty Haze

A lonely dance on misty grey

Of his feet upon the water – in the distant haze

Nobody understood his life before the grave

Young man. Word Substantiate. God, Jesus.

Long before you knew him. Long before you cared

God treasured His body. At the First and Second Coming

To resurrect His body from Eve’s fallen world of women

Now restored completion of a new name: True Parents.

God did not create the Absolute truth to be proven wrong by you.

He did not make your religion to keep you from the truth

If guided by the lights of angels; All around Him people came!

Say, Jesus. Is that you upon the water?

I hope you enjoyed my poem. Leave me a “like” on the post. 🙂


참 어머님

참 어머님

“…세상이 또 못 보여 주는 사랑…“
어머니의 손길은 피곤하지 않다...
옛날 왕비님의 이야기
엄마의 손에서 부터 시작한 감사
따뜻한 정성과 기도
세상이 또 못 보여 주는 사랑
하나님의 축복을 받으신 우리 참 어머님


I’ll Tell You How

Caramelized Oranges from Sicily

I’ll Tell You How

Since you have intrigued me from far off yonder
with a voice annoying and questions and laughter
I’ll tell you how. I’ll tell you how.
OK. OK. I’ll tell you how.

First you have to wait and that might take your entire life
Then you go to God together and get Blessed.
Marriage is a journey that really can be just once…
And then you have a child after your wife can’t sleep
eat, drink, or think for just about nine months.

OK. Get ready now. I’m about to tell you how.
It goes like this: first you wiggle your right ear.
Then you must wiggle your thumb, of course on your right hand
at the same time, please wiggle your foot and right toe.

Then think!

Think of all your wishes and dreams
close your eyes and breathe it in. Languages swim
Music plays and the love you have made comes
down to a name.
Didn’t I tell you how to do this before?