Last night I had a terrible dream. I want to let you know that the impossible: life for death restoration is only possible through the body of Jesus Christ–not your body! You are not God. True Father indemnified and restored fallen humankind as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He was God on earth. There is no way that love could have been restored other than through True Parents established by Jesus Christ. It’s not that a bunch of lunatics came together and had licentious sex. Conditions were met. Virgin women came to Christ to marry the great religious leaders and to begin a new world with the one True God. Yet the culture and the tradition of God is life from death. Jesus did this spiritually and Sun Myung Moon did this physically: that is the glory of the resurrection. Happy Early Easter!!!

EZEKIEL 28:1,2,15-19

The word of the LORD came to me “Son of man, say to the ruler of Tyre, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says:

“‘In the pride of your heart

you say, “I am a god;

I sit on the throne of a god

in the heart of the seas.”

But you are a man and not a god,

though you think you are as wise as a god.

You were blameless in your ways

from the day you were created

till wickedness was found in you.

Through your widespread trade

you were filled with violence,

and you sinned.

So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God,

and I expelled you, O guardian cherub,

from among the fiery stones.

Your heart became proud

on account of your beauty,

and you corrupted your wisdom

because of your splendor.

So I threw you to the earth;

I made a spectacle of you before kings.

By your many sins and dishonest trade

you have desecrated your sanctuaries.

So I made a fire come out from you, and it consumed you,

and I reduced you to ashes on the ground

in the sight of all who were watching.

All the nations who knew you are appalled at you;

you have come to a horrible end

and will be no more.'”

Please reflect on this passage from the Holy Bible. God came to earth as His only Begotten son Jesus at His first and second coming. He has restored all sin. This is not something that you should ever dare to do! Look at Hyung Jin Moon. He lives according to God’s principle. He has five kids and a wife. He attains every love and glory of God according to His principles and laws. The joy of humankind and the joy of God should be one. If you live separately from God’s word and His perfect Son and True Parents in Heaven, you only contribute to your separation from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Bishop Donovan

Lately, I’ve been looking a lot at the little white Bible that Bishop Donovan signed to Alex and me. That was nice. When I hold it and I try to remember him all I see is an exuberant smile upon a kind brown face with the age of work and care pouring out in reflection of a most beautiful banquet. I see many colors in a long robe. I see a suit underneath it and carefully, reverently shined black shoes. I see only the best in a man whose face I don’t really remember! It makes me so sad…like I’m reaching for something that I can never see again. Bishop Donovan. Who is he? Yet I have his handwriting in my Bible…the one he signed to both of us and then dedicated especially to Alex. I remember, he was the best man at my wedding and yet it is all a blur. I don’t know who he is.

The Holy Bible and his handwriting in it reminds me of the warmth of brotherhood that I used to feel from the Baptist Ministers and church Pastors that surrounded True Father when he was alive. The warmth of the ministry and the glory of heaven was upon us. Those memories are alive upon God’s book. 

– Somiya

Fire In My House

I watched the fire from far away down the road in the car with the children.

All To Be Had

Fire so hot

Smoldering walls

“All get out!”

Call 911.

Red bricks

Breathless corners

Rescue teams

And sirens

Men in black

Gentle strength

A kind word

And a smile

Change in perspective

From evil to good

Love grows

God knows.

Kings and Queens

American dreams

God, Jesus, True Parents

All to be had.

I watched the smoke bellow out of our roof at 2:30AM this morning as Alex and I got all our kids into the car away from the fire. My husband and I had been up all night in deep discussion of all the world events (near and far) in relation to us and God. Our fireplace had a lovely warm fire behind the closed safety grate and we were ready to go to bed. I had just walked to the bathroom when suddenly, my husband yelled out to me, “Come here Omma! Look, there’s smoke coming out of our wall.” We realized that somehow, our walls had begun to burn internally around the chimney. In a rush, my husband called 911. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Soon, firefighters arrived. The house was broken and the fire was put out. We are all OK. God saved us by keeping us awake that night. Otherwise, this morning, we would all have been without a home or worse, dead.

I hope you enjoyed my poem.

– Somiya

Davis Sport Shop – Cowardly, Disgusting

I arrived at Davis Sport Shop a few minutes ago to present five points pictured below. They would not even say hello but kicked me off the premise without hearing me out for a full refund. They said I would not get a refund at all unless I came back to get it. Now they have kicked me out without even a mature discussion. Two words for Davis Sport Shop: Cowardly. Disgusting.

I have reported both firearm dealers to the police.

– Somiya


Hello Readers,

This morning, I asked my son to bring the Cheon Seong Gyeong from the holy altar and read it to me for five minutes. I was in a sad tired lump on the bed waiting for the day to NOT begin. As he read, he stumbled on a word: “acknowledgment.” Our little scripture-reading resulted in me remembering that one word. So, that is what Today’s post is going to be all about.

The conundrum of events this week have led me into a great deal of reflection. Especially Today, when my husband and I plan to go back to Davis Sport Shop and demand back every last penny of an order that they, not I, canceled; I had to sit down and acknowledge that I have been wounded. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to be strong. We have to acknowledge our hurt and pain: publicly too, so that our brothers will be healed by it, as the Holy Bible says.

So, here I go…

From the keys of my typewriter: “March 12, 2020 – Reflection Writing

I have been wounded a lot by my mother. It’s time that I recognize that about myself. I have wanted to go forward in so many ways but she hit me so much that it was exhausting to be alive. I did my best to overcome every adversity of being my mother’s child but it was not enough to just be strong. My father never cared to be part of my life except to make lunch and eat meals with me and Omma at the table. He never took me out camping or brought me anywhere. Was he proud of me? Looking back on my life as a constantly abused child I simply can’t say that he was there for me. I can say clearly that he didn’t care. I can say that he cared just enough for appearances. When I look back on my life, all I see is that True Father was the one who loved me the most. Soo Kyoung and Michael J. Chapman hurt me to death. My strongest feelings to commit suicide began in high school. How could they have not cared after they brought me to that point? They wanted me to die. They wanted it to just be over — their marriage, the church, the mission, the dream, and to just get away like they did with their lives before the church. But they had me. I was now their worst enemy, their secret hatred, their worst problem. They did everything they could, neglect, abuse, silence, avoidance, and control to manipulate me to the point of death. Even after I was molested they never taught me self-defense, they never defended me, they, especially Michael J. Chapman had never cared about me.

When I got a strong feeling to ask my dad for $500.00 recently, he sent it to me. I told him that I had a strong feeling I would need the money. When I got it, I realized that my permit to purchase a hand-gun was expiring. I cashed the check and went through the process to buy a gun from Davis Sport Shop. The purchase resulted in a strange scandal; it has truly horrified me. The way I was treated and then canceled just made me reflect on how cursed with evil is the money of Hak Ja Han and Michael J. Chapman. I had done nothing wrong but we are going back to Davis Sport Shop this evening to get my money back. Now, the money has paid an indemnity. It is being reclaimed from the devil. The way it is coming back to me is from the hands of Michael J. Chapman to the Roman Catholic nut-brain Rob Pizzi in Northvale, New Jersey, to the lunatic truth-denying unstable crazy Christian at Davis Sport Shop, Tiffany Davis, and then to me – only if I’m willing to fight for it this evening.

Alex says the reason we have to get my money back is so that they are put in their place and that we come off strong and respectable. I really would prefer to just leave it in her dirty little hands. She is so mean and rude. She yells and talks over me all the time. How am I supposed to do business with an unstable loud crazy woman like that? Exactly, I’m not! It’s going to be Alex Gabb. When we go back there Today, I will not shy away from telling her what she needs to hear. However, I will let Alex do the talking. It’s not my place to deal with a crazy bitch from loony-ville. I will be there as the proof of the transaction and disgrace Tiffany has put herself into. I am the queen. She should at least be quiet when I am talking. That’s just basic business basics, after-all.

This moment, tonight, is when all my hurt will turn around. This is when the set-backs that my demon parents have ruined me with will no longer have an effect on my life. It’s the restoration of my father in Heaven, who loves me, to stand in His royal love in my proper place as His daughter, His wife, His Queen, and His sister. After this, there is nothing else to be had than to go forward with my every dream, my every wish, my God, and all our people.


Rob Pizzi and Tiffany Davis

Have you ever taken life as it comes at you and stood your ground to fight the unfairness pitched to you, screaming to have a bite? Well. That happened to me Yesterday. I did read God’s word but I couldn’t share it in a post with you because I had to fight off the devil in so many ways…

It all started when I noticed that my permit to purchase a pistol was running out of time. I’ve had three months to get a gun but with this purchase I wanted to take my time. I had ordered a catalog from Kahr to get a look at everything in their warehouse. Nothing really called out to me from its pages and I lost the catalog in one of my book-shelves somewhere. Eventually, I forced myself to find a place that sold hand guns in-shop, none other than New York State’s Davis Sport Shop. I found that it had a large selection of guns just out of state, on the border of NY and NJ. I called them up and asked if they could legally sell a gun to me. They said yes and I went to visit. After feeling several guns I settled on one that fit my budget and my hands perfectly: the Ruger LC9. It’s a beautiful little black gun that even the guy behind the counter was excited about. 

This happened on Monday, this week. I paid down the $500.68 in cash and had the gun prepared for me. They took down my information, and looked at my legal papers and told me to pick it up next-day at Unity Arms, LLC. I agreed and walked out of the store with a receipt for my purchase and my two little girls who had come with me to the sports shop.

Next day, I drove an hour down to Unity Arms, LLC in Northvale, NJ. The guy’s shop is located in the basement of his funeral home business, Pizzi Funeral Home. I expected to go in and fulfill a legal transaction for a gun for which I had fully paid. Unfortunately, the NIC state police system of New Jersey was down and they couldn’t perform the transaction. The Pizzis even called the New Jersey State police to see if they could get my final NIC background check done. They were told that the entire system was down. What happened next was unfortunate and it sent me into shock for the rest of the day. I even went down to my local police station after I had come home to tell them what happened.

Rob Pizzi turned to me and told me to leave his shop. I asked them for a clear understanding why they were telling me to leave the premise of an unfinished legal transaction. They told me clearly that NIC had not processed my papers and that they did not know when the NJ State police would have their system up and running again. I told Rob Pizzi that their inability to legally complete a firearms purchase was an absolute embarrassment to the NJ State Police. After all, this firearm that I purchased was fully legal and appropriately filed up to this point. It was a shame that they had to conduct business as an almost theft, and I told them that. They told me to come back on an “unknown date, maybe this Thursday,” and escorted me out the door. So, there I was, with my two little girls driving back home Yesterday afternoon with all my legal papers and $500.68 practically stolen from me. I texted them that my business with them should be treated as first priority and that I looked forward to finishing it with them soon.

As soon as I returned home I got a call from Davis Sport Shop saying that Unity Arms, LLC cancelled my order and reported me to the New Jersey police. There was no reason given to me for this cancellation. I was in total astonishment at this negative treatment by the two businesses. When asked to pick up my refund, I told Tiffany Davis of Davis Sport Shop to mail me a check for my money. She continued to harass me with emojis and texts to no end and told me that I would not get my money back unless I came back to her store to pick it up. After this horrible experience I will never again set a foot back on either premise as they have dealt with me as vermin and criminals do. I want to have nothing to do with them! I still have not gotten my money back from their rotten dishonest dealings.


Kingdom of Heart

Good Morning!

Here’s a drop of heaven in your e-mail inbox, only if you’re subscribed to, of course.

Everyone’s path is different in Jesus Christ. On the path of Jesus we find True Parents. It is a lonely path to find God and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. If you move down to Pennsylvania, you’re not going to find the Kingdom of Heaven. The CSG clearly states that the Kingdom of Heaven beings in our hearts. In fact, it goes on to say that, “Those who do not create the Kingdom within their hearts would be unable to contribute to Heaven even if placed in its environment. An irresolute heart cannot produce perfect action; perfect action arises only through absolute resolve.” That’s something to chew on! If we understand that True Father had tried all his life to give us the Kingdom of Heaven we will understand that our love for God is not for nothing.

If we love God, we must find a way to attend Him. Our actions must come from a clear head. The only way to have all our senses in order is to love God and connect with His absolute love via the life of Jesus. It’s doesn’t matter that our paths are different. If we keep the Kingdom of Heaven in our hearts and guard it like a new bud of spring then our actions, all of them, will come to result in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven. Unity of mind and body was a heavy conditioning point in the Unification Church when True Father was alive. The reason is because, like Yoga, it’s for your benefit. God, Jesus, and True Parents are all the same thing; this is what we call the Trinity of God.

I want to leave you this day with my favorite passage from this morning’s HDH:

“However lonely the path of our struggles, we must not avoid the path.

Rather, we must instead unswervingly blaze a trail with a mind to break through and move on.

God’s Kingdom begins from our resolution and determination to open up an environment for our body to unite with such a mind.

Where the actions of the mind and body are separated, the Kingdom does not exist.”

Have a beautiful day. I will share with you again Tomorrow.



천성경. Cheon Seong Gyeong. Canonized by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. Sunghwa Publishing Company. May 2006. (644-645)

“White Privilege”

“White privilege is an acknowledgment of class division among a free American people.“

Dear Readers,

Lately, there is a saying called “white privilege” in America. It is used to denote the economic and social advantage some people have against others just because they are white and can get away with mostly anything.

Actually, white privilege is something of a neo-nazi term that can be used either degradingly toward or as a self concession of white people to have unfair access to opportunity which would otherwise be closed to those of any other race. White privilege is an acknowledgment of class division among a free American people. Yet we are all created equal in the eyes of God and this perfect love is recognized in our laws.

In my effort to linguistically understand the term “white privilege” I have also used the term “White Privilege”, as most Americans have by now. We must realize that the more we use this term “white privilege” the closer we come to arriving at a dangerous cast system of a Hindi nature. Slavery is over. Please do not use the term “white privilege.”



To Be Grateful!

“Ye that love the Lord, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 97:10

The Bible Promise Book
Gratitude – thankful appreciation for favors received

God is the intangible invisible eternal absolute and unique Heavenly Father who has given us an overabundance of such gifts that resemble Him. We will never see another white rhino because it is specific to its DNA that should not be confused in human laboratories with those of other animals. God has created this unique species which has now, in this century, gone extinct. Perhaps, the DNA of the white rhinoceros may be cloned into regeneration if our scientists can trudge away from their fallen minds when it comes to DNA manipulation/experimentation. We must adhere to God with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience as you cannot have one characteristic without the other.

Our gratitude to God is for the favors that He has already given. We are not to thank God for the favors which he keeps to Himself! We know Him for His Blessings, do we not? He has given us His love, life, and lineage. If His favor is not found in our lives it is because we have lost them in much the same way as we have lost the precious white rhinoceroses. God’s love has spilled over in our lives and we simply have no consciousness of it.

The water runs over capacity in His Providence of Jesus and True Parents. The structure of full salvation is something to be grateful for and it is much more than our worth. Hence, it is also our humble glory to be able to say that we are “unworthy” of the Lord’s grace as we acknowledge His favor upon us.


Guralink, David B. Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language. New York, NY. Warner Books, Inc. 1984.

The Bible Promise Book. King James Version. Uhrichsville, Ohio. Barbour Publishing Inc., 1990.

His Inaction

Inspired to call her but never to speak

Had to learn yet more but so no one could see

But then!

You wasted her time.

Be gone from me you little cheap!

Foolish scrap from the hands of thieves!

How cold:

Knowledge without compassion.

“[He] love(s) no one,” so self-convinced

A sink drain blocked by mineral composites

To learn!?

His affects mere mockery!

To her no profit at the expense of life

One life to live, now strapped for time.


His inaction upon an empty line.

Feel free to get the free download of the Divine Principle above. It’s as much as I can give you, as I have downloaded it off of, myself. Likewise, I’ve also posted the Cheon Seong Gyeong and the Peace Messages.

Don’t wait on me to take you through the Divine Principle again…I already did that with my YouTube videos–for five years! Now, they are mostly not public anymore. Were they working for you? Maybe you should read my poem let me know.