To Be Grateful!

“Ye that love the Lord, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 97:10

The Bible Promise Book
Gratitude – thankful appreciation for favors received

God is the intangible invisible eternal absolute and unique Heavenly Father who has given us an overabundance of such gifts that resemble Him. We will never see another white rhino because it is specific to its DNA that should not be confused in human laboratories with those of other animals. God has created this unique species which has now, in this century, gone extinct. Perhaps, the DNA of the white rhinoceros may be cloned into regeneration if our scientists can trudge away from their fallen minds when it comes to DNA manipulation/experimentation. We must adhere to God with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience as you cannot have one characteristic without the other.

Our gratitude to God is for the favors that He has already given. We are not to thank God for the favors which he keeps to Himself! We know Him for His Blessings, do we not? He has given us His love, life, and lineage. If His favor is not found in our lives it is because we have lost them in much the same way as we have lost the precious white rhinoceroses. God’s love has spilled over in our lives and we simply have no consciousness of it.

The water runs over capacity in His Providence of Jesus and True Parents. The structure of full salvation is something to be grateful for and it is much more than our worth. Hence, it is also our humble glory to be able to say that we are “unworthy” of the Lord’s grace as we acknowledge His favor upon us.


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Preface. Cover to Cover of the Divine Principle: The Fundamental Cornerstone | DPconversations

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon with Hyo Won Eu

Cover to Cover

It is my aim to go through the Divine Principle with you from start to finish. This is the first article and video of a new series on called Cover to Cover. It is important to understand the truth in fullness and I hope that you enjoy exploring the content of this work of Sun Myung Moon with me.

There are many different views that people have expressed about Sun Myung Moon and his life on earth. The fundamental understanding of Sun Myung Moon is the work that he himself did, regardless of what other people have to say about it. The content of the Divine Principle cannot be identified by anyone else as their word. Really, to know a man, the best resource is himself, is it not? To understand Sun Myung Moon and True Parents as established by Jesus at His second coming, we have to first know the Divine Principle.

Please view the video that goes hand in hand with this article. Click the link.

Within the Preface of the Divine Principle we see the great persistence of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon to share the Divine Principle with humanity. It took his entire life to finally canonize an official text that would eventually be included in the eight great texts of the Completed Testament. It is the main text of his teaching.

Scientific studies of Cornelius and Caspi have concluded that the perception of self is more of an external result rather than an intrinsic internal belief of self. The study did not move beyond calculable data but it led to the theoretical understanding that a carpenter is not born a carpenter but is molded to become one by external influences. Likewise, the West Point Military Academy of the United States of America, though it even has an honor code does not mean that all who attend are honorable. Thus, it isn’t always one’s surrounding influences that determine a person’s belief of self. Furthering the idea of self-identification is the practice of yoga, or mind and body unity. Yet mind and body unity without an understanding of the highest mind or cause of energy, is simply impossible.

It is important to study the Divine Principle so that people can come out of ignorance and hopeless dead-ends in order to understand the highest mind: God. Humankind now, through True Parents, have a clear understanding of God that can unite the most internal mind with external scientific study. I will not go into the theoretics with you now. A multitude of science is just waiting to be explored with this truth. Instead, I will show you the rock, the Exposition of the Divine Principle, that the truth exists and that it is available to you.



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A Personal Decision

Good morning! In reading Genesis 31, I am reminded of the life and death of so many people. I am reminded that the cunning of Rachel to take her father’s gods were to convince him that even they had left him for the evil he was doing to her husband Jacob…the one who loved her the most and yet could not. Still, Jacob did whatever he had to do in order to love her. In the end though, Laban proved himself to be a hard selfish man who did not care about love, especially the innocent first love of Jacob for Rachel and her for him. 

History is made along the grooves of love. It is not enough, never enough, to have money, wealth, and power. The devil uses those things as a trick to make people fall into him as their god. Then they set up idols to recognize his godliness upon themselves. They try to live according to his prompting but it is all a trick. Culture and religion and the life and death of so many people in this earth has shocked God out of existence but for the love of His servants Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

All this love is real. For love Jacob stayed with Laban. For love’s ideal sake Jacob stayed with Laban. He knew that his father Issac was the miracle of his grandfather’s faith but that there had been concubines and wives that had distracted Abraham from giving his focus to Issac. His wealth had been scattered and Issac was weak with sorrow for most of his life. The Bible says that he made love to Rebekah in his mother’s tent as a comfort for her death. Sarah was the only one that had really loved Issac. Yet it was Sarah who started Abraham on the path of polygamy. So, for the ideal that she had hoped for…the sacred love between her and Abraham and the children that they had wished to bear Sarah must have instructed Issac in regards to his sexual life. Abraham loved God and Issac was their miracle. Sarah had not acted wisely with Hagar.

Issac, the boy who was saved from death on the altar by the word of an angel must have truly loved Abraham and he kept his faith in God. When Esau and Jacob were born from Rebekah he only wanted to honor God in the lives of his sons. He raised them up as princes. He allowed them to be the masters of their own crafts. Jacob took faith to the next level when he bought Esau’s birthright, as though it was something to be purchased! All these people have died before me. I am Somiya. 

I have lived my life for the sake of God’s love. I will recognize that with the onyx ring. It has not been for nothing. Love is real. I acknowledge that with the onyx stone and silver. In all ways of life we must be careful with love. It is love that has brought me through to the age of 31. I recognize the passing of time, the children I have had, our marriage, and the heartbreak; the victory, and the decision that I have made to walk forward in the groove of God’s love and no other with absolute faith, absolute obedience, and absolute love. Not one exsits without the other, that’s what True Father told me. He was real. So am I.



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica, Inc., 2011. Print (Genesis 27-31)

Fallen National Messiahs

The National Messiah of Israel is Alexander Stephen Gabb. He was officially appointed by Sun Myung Moon. He is is now a follower of the Han Harlot, betrayer of the Divine Principle. Should Stephen be responsible, in the very least, to stand by the Divine Principle when it is under attack by the ditheistic proclamations made by Hak Ja Han Moon? One would think so!

After a poignant discussion with the despicable fallen National Messiah of Israel on facebook the conclusion is that he participates in and proudly proselytizes for the church and theology of Hak Ja Han Moon which, in every sense of the term is original Satanism. How did such a noble man become such a demon? Who can say but himself? He is one of many leaders whom the Messiah at his Second Coming Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon trusted and loved as his own self to carry out various missions with countries and peoples around the world.

Christianity is centered on Jesus Christ. His words and sacrifice and resurrection created spiritual salvation for humanity. The second coming of Christ Sun Myung Moon loved all the adopted children of Christ as well as those of other religions to bring them all back to God our Heavenly Father. Humanity is to be united by His words, lineage, and the victorious restoration of True Parents on this earth.

Our mission before all others is to keep God’s words, lineage, and the victory of True Parents now in our own Holy Blessings. The family is the most sacred place where God’s love is kept safe. Jesus restored the individual as sons and daughters but the returning Lord restored individuals who could build true families, tribes, nations, the world, and cosmos.

Written by

– SC Gabb, November 30, 2017

Note Update:

This man, Stephen Gabb, is my father-in-law and his full name is Alexander Stephen Gabb. I originally thought so highly of him. In his written word to me, he has accounted for all his public leadership works as a National Messiah. Later, he actively proselytized for the false wedding ceremony of Satan under Hak Ja Han, having married many couples together–so much so that he and Connie were rewarded by Hak Ja Han for the amount of marriages they produced under her.

At the time of the publication of this post two years ago, Stephen Gabb began a lawsuit against me so that he could protect his name from being used on and in my video titles. I am simply holding him accountable (then and now) to his actions against True Father, Sun Myung Moon. I have to update this article with his correct identification! Within the Holy Bible all people are identified by their names, and so is Stephen Gabb to be held accountable. There is nothing he can legitimately sue me for–I didn’t say his name wrongly. He is a very real person, as real as Sun Myung Moon had been. In my humble opinion, Stephen Gabb is a man who creates his own delusions about his daughter-in-law and himself to the point of creating a legal offense against her of his own devise.

This is undeserved hatred against me. His lawsuit is still active against me, as I have received legal notifications from his lawyer that the firm will continue to monitor all my activity on the internet. We have consequently warned Stephen and his wife, Constance Ann Kapp Gabb, of a possible restraining order upon him and her if they ever come near our family or home again.

-Somiya, December 20, 2019

When The Sun Sets

Don’t let a mistake be harnessed into permanency where the Lord our Heavenly Father must then make a judgment call upon you, whether as a servant or son or daughter. As we see in Genesis 15, Abram let a mistake pass through his notice. He allowed for the day to close upon his mistake. It was then that God could not take the defiled offering of the unhalved birds but had to redeem Abram’s descendants with 400 years of slavery.

As the sun was setting, Abram fell into a deep sleep…the LORD said to him, “Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants…will be enslaved and mistreated there…You, however, will go to your ancestors in peace and be buried at a good old age.”

Genesis 15:12-15

This may be seen as a symbolic time period of trial when it comes to the modern day. Say, for instance, one has twenty years to gather God’s adopted children, the Christians, and bring them into the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Yet parallel to Abram failing to cut the dove and the young pigeon within the day, she commits the great mistake of failing to usher in one fervent sister of Jesus and her children within those twenty years. She selfishly builds a community while effectively rejecting that sister’s efforts to share the love and word of God. Soon, the community is established without the sister nor her family in the picture. Then this community that is built will be cursed by God just as Abram was the recipient of His great blessing and curse. It’s just an anecdotal parallel to Abram’s situation in Genesis 15.

God’s word in the New Testament Age clearly pertained to all besides just the Jews, according to Jesus. Now, in the Completed Testament Age it pertains to all who might take the name of True Parents in the Holy Blessing according to the indemnity of Jesus Christ at his first and second coming, according to Sun Myung Moon. Ignoring her insincere mistake upon the altar of God is her defiling of God’s innocence–not the fault of the neglected sister. Every dove belongs to God. Certainly, a man or woman like Abram will be punished, if not now then later, for allowing the sun to set upon her mistakes.



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica, Inc., 2011. Print

Noah Is NOT Messiah

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” (Genesis 8:22)

Noah was not the Messiah. He held the place of fallen Adam and Eve in a course of God’s Providential Restoration of His bloodline as a servant. God did not use Noah as His image. That only happened at the time of Jesus. Jesus was recognized by Heavenly Father as His Son and Jesus recognized God as His Father. Jesus, in a breath, acknowledged a very clear understanding of the Trinity of God, which he explained later at His Second Coming. Noah had no cognition of his relationship to God but as one who obeys commands and neither did any of his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japeth if at all!

Today we’re looking at Genesis 8. In that chapter we see that God commanded Noah out of the Ark. God commanded Noah to bring himself and his wife and his sons and their wives out of the ark. Again, God commanded Noah to live and was served up a dish of obedience. (Genesis 8:15-19) In this one great moment God had cornered all of humanity into obeying His command. On that condition of servitude God could receive Noah’s altar of sacrifice.

God is not cursing us with Global warming

Upon this conditional love of Noah, God’s servant by nature – let’s face it, he spent his whole life laboring over an ark whilst I don’t even keep up with articles on a daily basis -, God was able to convene with Noah and promise to: Never again curse the ground because of humans. (Genesis 8:20-21) Do you believe in Global warming? Nope. It’s a hoax, nothing but a lousy government-of-the-elite hoax. God is not cursing us with Global warming and it certainly isn’t our fault!

Lastly, in Genesis 8 we see that God values production. In fact, God is quoted as saying that,

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Genesis 8:22

He is the Master of production. Just look at the Jews! It is human nature to be productive just as God is productive. Of course, we must produce with sustainable resources and the consciousness of our global well-being on Earth. Isn’t environmental consciousness an obvious responsibility of having the freedom to live and create and produce? (It’s the reason modern communities have sewage lines and dump yards.) God saved the world from fallen humanity!

Now that the truth has been fulfilled in the second coming of Jesus with the advent of True Parents we can see that Sun Myung Moon is the true Messiah. Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Sun Myung Moon are the established Trinity of God. John the Baptist did not come with the name Elijah yet Jesus himself told his disciples that John was the Elijah to come again. It was the Jewish faith that Elijah had to come again before the coming of the Messiah. So, any Jew that says that Noah was the Messiah really has no religion or even faith. Think again!



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica, Inc., 2011. Print

What’s The Woman’s Place?

Holy Trinity is One. God the Father, Jesus the Son, True Parents centered on Jesus at His Second Coming Sun Myung Moon the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Bible, especially the Old Testament portion, is very male dominant. God had to work through men. He doesn’t exclude the importance of women, however. If Noah hadn’t had such a good wife he probably would have been too broken to even build the ark to its end. He would not have been able to obey God’s commands perfectly. In other words, Noah, had good backup. (Genesis 7) What is a woman to do now, in the Completed Testament Age? She is not a man. Ideally, a woman gets married to a man and they have children in the covenant of God’s Holy Blessing that is beyond race, ideology, and time. It must be truly relaxing for women, comparatively, to just standby as husband does all the work. American women are not like that. We want to be part of the action. We want to be involved! We want to taste the passion and excitement that God wants to give to us!

“I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.”

Psalm 82:6

The reality, however, is that Noah and all men who are faithful and good like Noah are not the most exciting men on planet earth. Not to mention, their purpose and dedication to God is an act of service and daily routine. It requires not just brain of a womanly existence but also the brawn of man; God needs man-power. God’s expectation for faithful men really does take all their time, money, and strength. To love and obey God’s command is truly impossible for any man unless he absolutely loves God one-hundred-percent. As women born of God’s lineage and living completely in His grace, we see this in our men. Somehow, I cannot help but think back to Jesus’s attitude for God’s love—that God’s love is worth more than bread. (Luke 4:4) Jesus was the most selfless man. His perfect love was so strong that bread itself seemed to follow him around. He was not afraid to live for God.

Jesus, like Noah had been set aside by His Father (not Zechariah or Joseph but the Heavenly Father) as the special son. God took Jesus’s body and life here on earth as His very own. It is hard to understand the rejection he faced by the Jews when he told them that God is in Him and He in the Father unless we look at Sun Myung Moon. (John 10:34-39) Many so-called Christians rejected Him at His Second Coming too. It is not everyone who is prepared to ride the winds. Even those of us who would like to say that we are True Children of God are not as selfless and perfect in love as we would like to be. When we see Jesus and True Father, we see in Him a very perfect and flawless love that is more beautiful than the rose. It’s crazy that Jesus craved God more than bread, that at his Second Coming, he lived and breathed words to members day and night until his nineties when he died at the behest of the fallen Hak Ja Han…

We birth mankind, after all.

Women simply do not compare to these great men. We need men. We need things. We need bread. We need each other just as much as God needs us. The way we can stay involved in God’s Providence is to be faithful in everything we do and say. There simply is nothing else we can do! We are limited in Satan’s fallen kingdoms of this earth. Should we get bored to death with our path as the faithful Queens of the Lord we cannot turn around and delight in evil as did the Han Harlot of modern-day Babylon by killing off her husband’s oxygen supply whilst he lay in the hospital just to breathe. We just have to pray to the Lord to provide us with profitable engagement instead! Ideas will come to us. Most American women know that God’s law is not limited to men when He speaks about men. (Psalm 32:6) We birth mankind, after all. His laws apply to us too. We stand in the image of His Holy Spirit with True Father. They are the Kings in His image. God makes us who we are. It is our God given mission to establish His Kingdom of Heaven here on this Earth. We simply cannot help but bow our heads to God’s absolute Authority as the King of Kings.



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica, Inc., 2011. Print

Whetstone & Oil

Dedication. Sincerity. Compassion.

God’s word is in fact, the first building block of knowledge. Ancient quests for eternal life and spiritual enlightenment have all taken form of religion. In each religion is a warrior’s code. The Holy Bible provides every necessary tool for us to keep our minds sharp and our faith rustless.

God’s word is the sword that we only hope to carry in its beautiful fullness. It takes years and hundreds of hours of devotion to study. Everyday, children must awaken with their parents and have a chance to deeply and chronologically, in their own lives, relate with the word of God. Parents, especially mothers, have this divine duty to educate their children without frustration but with a love of learning, dedication, sincerity, and compassion. Our souls must be strong enough to handle the fire of God’s word day in and day out. Even if our husbands are gone on business for days or months at a time.

It is not difficult for a child to sit for one hour a day to hear his mother read God’s holy word. No, in fact, every child gains something from Hoon Dok Hae: Daily Scripture Reading gives form and distinction to their life character. Children are capable of watching TV for three-hours straight before they get restless. It is the sincere, compassionate, dutiful, and dedicated mother who will unfailingly wear her robes as a providential teacher to create the daily perfect environment for her children to attribute their time—one hour a day—to the greeting and spoken substance of God’s word. Mothers should never gossip but only speak in truth.

In the tradition of the Messiah’s 5AM Hoon Dok Hae readings, soon, children begin to develop strength in God’s faith. We shall not neglect the Princes and Princesses of Heavenly Father here on this earth even if fallen parents have done worse to us. Everyday, our swords are whet upon the whetstone and oiled before sheathing to prevent decay and rust. So too, our minds must be sharpened against God’s word. His absolute love, life and lineage covers our spirits in oil. Daily scripture readings provide health in both exercise and nutrition to our souls so that our own faith in God may never rust.


Fairytale Holy Blessing

Fairytale Castle

Everyone fantasizes about having a fairytale love but the ideal of a perfect marriage is closer to reality than we want to admit. Our traditions of sexual purity before marriage and centering our love life and lineage on God provide tools to keep a long healthy marriage despite setbacks such as Satanic parental influences and our selfish expectations of marriage. The good days are closer than we think.

Most Second Generation of the Unification Church, such as myself and my husband go into marriage as virgins. It is not unusual for the participants to even be so pure as to not know how sex is performed, with the penis and vagina. I was in utter shock when my husband put his penis into my body: I had not known such a thing was possible. The Holy Blessing gives men and women the opportunity to discover sex for the first time with God as their center. This pure union is vital to extending our innocence into marriage and then into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and into the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven.

Unfortunately, many setbacks lie in the wake of Blessed Couples. Satanic cultural influences are actually first the most threatening in the form of our parents, who have been reared in Satanic families. The most fearsome thing is when your mother-in-law, whom you trust with absolute obedience proclaims that you are not a virgin and brainwashes your husband and the entire family to treat you like trash. It is scary when you are unable to even finish college because your husband believes that you are promiscuously giving yourself to every fellow there simply because his mother told him so. How does one save a Blessing like that? It is only by God’s grace that Blessed couples can overcome such a horrific atrocity in their lives and continue their Holy Blessing marriage centered on His love life and lineage.

Men and women who are born of God’s lineage usually have very high expectations of each other. However, given our naiveté and the Satanic setbacks we do endure, it is sometimes unreasonable to expect our hopes for education goals, financial reach, and societal prominence to be established immediately. Instead, with great perseverance in the ideal we find ourselves following the thorny footsteps of God, Jesus, and True Parents in every step of our existence. The Holy Blessing is the only path to achieving the ultimate ideal.


Don’t You Want To Be Free?

Robert Earl Jones, photographed for the Langston Hughes play “Don’t You Want To Be Free?”

Does Race Matter?

The Kingdom of Heaven is not just for the Korean people. When you join the Moonies you may marry a Korean. It doesn’t mean that you are one! When I go down to a black Baptist church in New York City that doesn’t make me black. God does not judge His children based on race.

Look at the life of Robert Earl Jones. He worked in theater and put himself to many important projects to showcase African American life only to be blacklisted as un-American by the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1950. (Andrews) Understandably the House Un-American Activities Committee were under a spell called racism. Satan used this group of people to harm the notable theatrical achievements of Mr. Jones. He was simply a productive American man, nothing un-American there! Later, the U.S. National Black Theatre Festival redeemed Robert Earl Jones with a lifetime achievement award. As such, any objectified standard based on Satanic understanding of racial superiority is not an absolute measure and thus has nothing to do with God.

God Himself is absolute! When we true children of God see each other, we don’t really think about race. So, this sister is half Japanese with freckles and an afro. OK, so this brother is as tall as a giraffe but has asian eyes and glasses. It really doesn’t matter! Generally the Second Generation of the Unification Church just have fun playing frizbee or literally climbing trees together. Now that we are older the secular world bores us to death.

Any objectified standard based on Satanic understanding of racial superiority is not an absolute measure and thus has nothing to do with God.

The encumbrances of the black racial pride movement is not only filled with love and appreciation for the African American race but also full of hatred towards non-black and folks who really don’t know anything about people like Robert Earl Jones. Reverend Sun Myung Moon never made one race superior over another in his quest to identify the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in His lifetime. He greatly appreciated Korean familial culture and linguistic methods of respect and love in that tradition and language. He has even said many times in front of me during morning scripture readings that he absolutely hates English because it lacks distinction in approaching another with the proper form of love.

Again, God does not judge you by your race but by the words that come out of your mouth, as Jesus once said.

– Somiya


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