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Satan creates situations that allows him to take advantage of the people he serves. “He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” (Genesis 3:15) Satan is not repentful, ever, and he is the father of lies.

Yet God had led Jesus into the wilderness explicitly to be tempted by the devil. We must overcome false offerings and stand righteously as the children of God. The LORD will keep an account of His lineage as He has since the time of Noah. (Gen. 5:1) If your thoughts are evil from the depths of your heart you will only be traveling a path of self-destruction. God’s not going to keep a record of that!

It was the word of God in Jesus that delivered him from Satan in the wilderness. God does not regret Jesus’s path of restoration on the earth. If we also take on such a path, a path of God’s absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, then we should not regret it either!


Coffee Cancelled.

Should I share this with you or not? I feel like good things take time and usually in secret. Often, soil covers the growth of seedlings until they naturally push forth of their own delicate strength. In secret doth good things happen. Only the gardener of a great garden knows and protects those new lives to become great vegetation that makes the world go ‘round. The weekend has passed as quickly as it arrived. During weekdays, my focus is not to work as the homestay gardener but as a writer. Let me just digest that out-loud with you. I work as a writer. I’ve decided to stay far far away from acid coffee because despite the warnings of dehydration, bone destruction, and addiction, I have enjoyed coffee since I started drinking it several years ago to aid in my sleepless nights of DPconversations video uploads. That’s not to say I have banned the innocent bean from my life but that I will save myself and my vocal chords from complete deterioration and stained teeth.

One look in the mirror Yesterday afternoon after church was enough to make me commit to the end of these coffee-stained teeth that I have audaciously developed in spite of knowing better. Bittersweet changes of time and purpose really make you look at your reflection in a different way. Before I began DPconversations I was AFRAID to speak to others about God. Although I had gone fundraising in different opportunities before, I had not really stood as an individual voice of clarity but as a parrot of group credo, which, I address in my autobiography Living Stone. My experience with STF drove me to exhaustion and sickness because it was not an expression of freedom but of oppression. Even when people of influence showed their desire to work with our church -whilst I spoke to them at their front door while fundraising for STF – my group never allowed me to contact them again for further cooperation. It was painful to me, much more shocking than my stained teeth.

DPconversations videos are a collective personal address to those people of power, knowledge, love, fame, and existence to understand everything that I know and should have shared a long time since before I made my first video. I understand that it may be late but since the truth is being shared now, in this way, please make use of it. Times do change. 2020 has seen the most drastic cultural change of American life in a century. Now, I’m going to try to destain my teeth by re-favoriting water as my favorite beverage instead of coffee. We all have to make some positive and beneficial changes as a new era grows.


The One Year Bible

I cannot stay away from the truth and it may be better for you that I am no longer on film regularly to talk about God and the truth. Even when I look at my videos, I replay them just to pay attention to what I’m actually saying; when a mirror is given to a narcissistic bird it will make her fall in love with herself. So, here we write on God’s words this morning, rather than attract.

Long ago, I found an awesome little Bible app for the iPhone by YouVersion in which I enjoyed the “Plans” section that helps interested people like us to read through the Holy Bible. I successfully completed the “Working Through Failure” Plan, which I highly recommend to anyone who’s been through a rough patch in life. I loved its week long approach and light reading. From this precise reading arrangement I yoked a lot of validation and healing from the Holy Bible. God’s word pushed my heart into a healthier sun-shinier place than the crevice I’d cried open. Yes, I felt as though I was ready for more so I signed up for “The One Year ®️Bible” plan straightaway. I had no specific desire to read through the Bible with that plan other than to say, “Yup, I’ve done that. Read that. Check.” My heart simply wasn’t in it and my app got rusty for lack of use.

and let the discerning get guidance – for understanding proverbs and parables, the sayings and riddles of the wise.

Proverbs 1:6

Now, however, with the end of the DPconversations videos and the Cover to Cover series which ended up looping back into the videos I had released previously (publicized from private view recently), I’m now interested in completing the year long Bible. It brings me joy to relate to God’s word, so completely, and I just can’t let it go. I must have it! So, since the impending call of faith will blister my heart if it has no avenue of release, I type and let it be known that I love the LORD.

Amen. Aju.

Let’s look at what the plan covered Today:

Genesis 1
Genesis 2
Matthew 1
Matthew 2
Psalms 1:1-6
Proverbs 1:1-6

If you read these passages Today, you and I will have covered Day 1 of the reading plan together. I read them and wrote down some notes on passages that jumped out to me from the reading…whatever most caught my heartstrings or my curiosity. I love God so much and I hope that you do too. Like a light, magic phenomenon, pretty and valuable gems, the Proverbs draw us close to the body of God, namely Jesus, and True Parents.



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica Inc., 2011. Print.

Whose Son Is The Messiah?

God’s work of indemnity is discussed by Jesus with his disciples who do not understand what he is talking about…except that somewhere deep down inside, their gut, tells them that he’s right. Let’s figure it out now with the understanding of True Parents!

Please view Matthew 22:41-46 to understand the eternal restoration of True Parents indemnified by Jesus at his second coming our Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Specially, pay attention to these words:

“The son of David,” they replied.

He said to them, “How is it then that David, speaking by the Spirit, calls him ‘Lord’? For he says,

“The Lord said to my Lord:

“‘Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet.’”

When we reflect at this conversation between Jesus and his disciples we can understand that Jesus’s establishment of True Parents through indemnity is the restored Adam and Eve, our ancestors of Heavenly Lineage. That is why although Jesus stood as the descendant and son of David, he was in fact David’s Lord.

Have a splendid day!



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica Inc., 2011. Print.

My Personal Blog

Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking this fantastic journey with me since I posted my first DPconversations video six years ago on July 11, 2014, to the incredible “Breaking of the Silence” internet sweep of Pastor Hyung Jin Moon, to this moment when I claim DPconversations as simply my personal blog rather than a gung-ho effort to evangelize the world; Hyung Jin Moon’s got that. I do not earn my bread and butter through efforts made here on my blog, though, I’d sure like to! I also dislike donations more than 100%…I guess I was just never cut out for the 2020 church life.

I have lived at church properties all my life. You can find my autobiography “Living Stone” on I have been raised on an extremely minute amount of donations that trickled into my parents laps for the basics like food…and occasionally a winter jacket and pair of shoes. I’m one of the lucky ones who kept her faith.

God is an amazing God. In 2014, I saw no church center and just a bunch of crumbling buildings that used to be places of congregation when Sun Myung Moon lived. He died in 2012 and my heart seared with so much pain at his passing. I struggled with my faith and emerged as the DPconversations girl. Later I met Hyung Jin and Yeonah Moon at their Sanctuary Church for a Wednesday prayer meeting. Several Sundays later Hyung Jin Moon broke the silence and everything made sense.

Nothing has been the same after the crowing of Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang and True Father as the Cosmic level Perfect True Parents. I have truly wrestled with the idea that Hak Ja Han had indeed fallen but so she has and that is not our fault but her decision alone.

We all find ourselves sequestered into units of property rentals and owned parcels that appear to guide the lines of our freedom but how long with that last? What a shame it is that we have only one other major Presidential Candidate Joe Biden who cannot even bear to get a sentence out or even stare long enough into the camera lens for some decent eye contact. America and her freedoms, yes, your stability, is shaking. Everything is on the line now and this is the time now to forget everything else and fight down the devil who is about to steal it all……!

DPconversations served its purpose. It helped a disillusioned Queen Yeonah to find her grip in reality. It helped to put Hyung Jin Moon into his rightful place as the King of Cheon Il Guk. It helped people to see the backwashed leaders who wear two faces as they yap up the attention and promenade of glory between the members and the Lord. Never, please never, take Rev. Kwak’s word as Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s word. Kwak is his own man and Sun Myung Moon an entirely different person all together. Trust me, I know.

I love you guys so much….even all you stupid idiots, like Yeonah. Please be well. I’ll keep up my blog and such but I can’t promise you anything. Don’t donate to me.



Freedom to Forgive

I have sweet memories of my mother. I do not see the evil in her that Satan wants me to see. I have been in the position to forgive her whenever she has been honest with apology to me. Please have compassion for her. Our parents are brothers in Jesus Christ.

Some I know and others I do not know but I forgive you all if you have even thought one bad thought of me, and that is a small thing. I want peace. Let us live in peace.



3. Cover to Cover | DPconversations

Somiya C. Gabb on DPconversations

Hello Readers,

I hope you have had a good week so far. I tweeted a while back that with every video I would get progressively more and more beautiful. With God’s love, beauty is the natural reflection even in those of us who can barely compare with the beauties of the world. We each have a responsibility to love God and to believe in and understand the truth.

Truth illuminates the innermost desires of the spirit mind.

p. 49, Divine Principle

Today, I have no notes for you as I simply pulled out the video recorder and shared my thoughts on a covering of pp. 43-54 of the Divine Principle with you on DPconversations. The quote above is a sparkly gem. How beautiful and lovely are our desires when we are centered on God? During the time of creation our Heavenly Father did not force us to grow. He gave us a choice to fruition to completion.

Here the question is of kindness! It is truly a wonder that in this merciless and cruel world, God’s love would echo into the chambers of our hearts so that we could see ourselves anew in his truth. What a wonder! All we can say in response to that is, “I love you God!” That is why the truth is something we love and cherish.

I hope that your week, moving forward, will be of peace and understanding. I stay away from blogs like and such because there are many things that lots of people would like to say about Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I am a primary resource but I am not the reasoning behind your faith. I am simply the presenter. I do not want to break you, see? Have faith in God and in his words from him to you.

If I have opened the curtains so that the light should shine through to your soul, well then it is simply my pleasure to be your friend in the name of Jesus and no more. Have a Blessed Day.


Somiya C. Gabb


Exposition of the Divine Principle. Canonized by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. HSA-UWC. 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. 1996.

2. Cover to Cover | DPconversations

Dear Readers,

In honor of Heavenly Father standing as the origin of all energy I painted a watercolor that consists of True Parents and a smattering of the Universe. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I have completed and uploaded a new Cover to Cover episode on DPconversations, that is This talk covers pp.31-43 of the Divine Principle.

Please enjoy and freely use the PDF file that I have attached to this post. Have a Blessed week. I will post again on Saturday, next week.


Somiya C. Gabb


Exposition of the Divine Principle. Canonized by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. HSA-UWC. 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. 1996.

The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica Inc., 2011. Print.

Ruined Dedication

I am happy to begin a new dedication to the ‘Cover to Cover’ article and video series that I will share with you here on

Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you for subscribing to and my YouTube channel. In the beginning, I had produced over three or four hundred videos before I had the horrible feeling to delete them all. Then I began again. Now the couple hundred videos that I have shared are privatized. It took some time for me to see myself, in thinning old clothes and a face that just got older, not going anywhere. The objective of DPconversations is and has always been to share the truth of God.

I had hoped to create a strong connection with like minded leaders at Santuary Church when I met with Hyung Jin Moon and Yeonah Lee Moon in the winter of 2014. Yet the way the relationship between that couple and myself unfurled was truly unexpected. Yeonah had reprimanded me after my very first service ever at their church for “not having enough sex” with my husband. Mind you, she is someone I had never talked with previously…and I had barely established any kind of understanding with her about my marriage or my love life! I was in shock. It all went downhill from there. Loudly, in the public eating space where all the church members had gathered to eat lunch, Yeonah Lee Moon has utterly disgraced my face. People, of course, followed Yeonah’s example and I found myself very well shunned and belittled.

Despite the unexpected opposition from a source where I had hoped to find brotherhood and sisterhood I continued forward with DPconversations. Yet the plan was never to do it alone. Eventually, Yeonah Lee Moon started her own YouTube called LionQueensTV channel apart from my efforts on DPconversations. I am at once crushed and pleased that she has gone forward in this way. After all, any effort for God is better than none at all. I felt a gentle calling from God to stop DPconversations for a while and that is when I discovered Yeonah’s videos online. My true hope was that someone would work with me together in strength to show the world the beauty and truth of God. I see that no one, not a soul, has stepped forward to work with me. Whether from Sanctuary Church, the Han Group, Christians…etc., I sense a great resistance against my independent love and understanding of God.

Since no one has stepped forward to work with me I have decided to simply acknowledge that their thorns have pierced me deeply. God is not finished with me yet. I am happy to begin a new dedication to the ‘Cover to Cover’ article and video series that I will share with you here on Thank you for understanding. Please make sure to subscribe!


Running & Prayer

Running and prayer!

Dear Readers,

As a High School student who graduated in 2006, I received the West Point Award for leadership and was awarded Magna Cum Laude in Latin studies. I was in AP classes and always on the high honor-roll. How did I manage all of that whilst Captain of the varsity girls swim team, and First Seat in my wind ensemble and marching band? I ran and I prayed.

My secret to being a successful High School student was to challenge myself to run. I wasn’t the best runner. Still, watching the track buffs made me interested in their skill and stamina and I decided to give it a try. The more I ran the better I got and the more interested I became in trying to excel. Running taught me that other peoples’ best scores don’t mean a thing to me. I was the only one who could finish my own race however slowly I ran to reach the end. Getting to the end–that’s what counts! So, running helped me to balance everything that I had to do to accomplish. I met all of my achievements regardless of the challenges I faced to reach those goals.

Facing a goal can be daunting especially if they require a skill-set that needs to be developed. In order to master the challenge of meeting a goal I had to have the heart to love everything I was doing. I had to love me. What did I have to wear everyday? Just a basic cotton t-shirt from my mom’s friend’s give-a-way pile? Did I have the spiritual stamina to deal with nay-sayers and outside influences that shook me from my goals? I had a mother that beat me everyday, as a High School student from the time that I was a two-year-old!! How did I manage to be so great while being completely torn down? It was not by my own strength but by God’s strength. I had self-conditioned my time with prayer devotions. Yes, I would run to the holy-rock at Belvedere from my home at East Garden and I would pray: EVERYDAY. First, I read God’s word, ran to Him, then spoke all my wishes, hopes, dreams and goals to Him, then I would run back home. I was successful because He healed my heart on a daily basis and running kept me strong.

If you have goals as a High School student you can achieve them. I wanted more than anything to have a beautiful God centered family. After High School, I worked on a volunteer missionary program called STF, got married, got an Associates Degree in Paralegal, and then had my first baby. I know that going back to college to finish up a Bachelor’s Degree is possible, anytime. College and money can be had while I am young or old, but I know that I can never build a family when I’m old. The time to receive God’s Holy Blessing Marriage for me was when I was in my nineteenth year of life, by the American calendar (twentieth year of life by the Korean calendar) right before my nineteenth birthday in April of 2007. I got married in February. I now have a foundation in my life to call my own: my own home, my own family, with my very special and wonderful husband, all in a little nook of the world that we call our own. I look forward to going forward again soon with my next set of dreams and goals. You too, can go forward with your most noble and sincere hopes and wishes. No one is going to stop you but yourself.

I will write more ‘Cover to Cover’ articles (accompanied with videos) very soon.

All the Best,