Coffee Cancelled.

Should I share this with you or not? I feel like good things take time and usually in secret. Often, soil covers the growth of seedlings until they naturally push forth of their own delicate strength. In secret doth good things happen. Only the gardener of a great garden knows and protects those new lives to become great vegetation that makes the world go ‘round. The weekend has passed as quickly as it arrived. During weekdays, my focus is not to work as the homestay gardener but as a writer. Let me just digest that out-loud with you. I work as a writer. I’ve decided to stay far far away from acid coffee because despite the warnings of dehydration, bone destruction, and addiction, I have enjoyed coffee since I started drinking it several years ago to aid in my sleepless nights of DPconversations video uploads. That’s not to say I have banned the innocent bean from my life but that I will save myself and my vocal chords from complete deterioration and stained teeth.

One look in the mirror Yesterday afternoon after church was enough to make me commit to the end of these coffee-stained teeth that I have audaciously developed in spite of knowing better. Bittersweet changes of time and purpose really make you look at your reflection in a different way. Before I began DPconversations I was AFRAID to speak to others about God. Although I had gone fundraising in different opportunities before, I had not really stood as an individual voice of clarity but as a parrot of group credo, which, I address in my autobiography Living Stone. My experience with STF drove me to exhaustion and sickness because it was not an expression of freedom but of oppression. Even when people of influence showed their desire to work with our church -whilst I spoke to them at their front door while fundraising for STF – my group never allowed me to contact them again for further cooperation. It was painful to me, much more shocking than my stained teeth.

DPconversations videos are a collective personal address to those people of power, knowledge, love, fame, and existence to understand everything that I know and should have shared a long time since before I made my first video. I understand that it may be late but since the truth is being shared now, in this way, please make use of it. Times do change. 2020 has seen the most drastic cultural change of American life in a century. Now, I’m going to try to destain my teeth by re-favoriting water as my favorite beverage instead of coffee. We all have to make some positive and beneficial changes as a new era grows.


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