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Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking this fantastic journey with me since I posted my first DPconversations video six years ago on July 11, 2014, to the incredible “Breaking of the Silence” internet sweep of Pastor Hyung Jin Moon, to this moment when I claim DPconversations as simply my personal blog rather than a gung-ho effort to evangelize the world; Hyung Jin Moon’s got that. I do not earn my bread and butter through efforts made here on my blog, though, I’d sure like to! I also dislike donations more than 100%…I guess I was just never cut out for the 2020 church life.

I have lived at church properties all my life. You can find my autobiography “Living Stone” on I have been raised on an extremely minute amount of donations that trickled into my parents laps for the basics like food…and occasionally a winter jacket and pair of shoes. I’m one of the lucky ones who kept her faith.

God is an amazing God. In 2014, I saw no church center and just a bunch of crumbling buildings that used to be places of congregation when Sun Myung Moon lived. He died in 2012 and my heart seared with so much pain at his passing. I struggled with my faith and emerged as the DPconversations girl. Later I met Hyung Jin and Yeonah Moon at their Sanctuary Church for a Wednesday prayer meeting. Several Sundays later Hyung Jin Moon broke the silence and everything made sense.

Nothing has been the same after the crowing of Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang and True Father as the Cosmic level Perfect True Parents. I have truly wrestled with the idea that Hak Ja Han had indeed fallen but so she has and that is not our fault but her decision alone.

We all find ourselves sequestered into units of property rentals and owned parcels that appear to guide the lines of our freedom but how long with that last? What a shame it is that we have only one other major Presidential Candidate Joe Biden who cannot even bear to get a sentence out or even stare long enough into the camera lens for some decent eye contact. America and her freedoms, yes, your stability, is shaking. Everything is on the line now and this is the time now to forget everything else and fight down the devil who is about to steal it all……!

DPconversations served its purpose. It helped a disillusioned Queen Yeonah to find her grip in reality. It helped to put Hyung Jin Moon into his rightful place as the King of Cheon Il Guk. It helped people to see the backwashed leaders who wear two faces as they yap up the attention and promenade of glory between the members and the Lord. Never, please never, take Rev. Kwak’s word as Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s word. Kwak is his own man and Sun Myung Moon an entirely different person all together. Trust me, I know.

I love you guys so much….even all you stupid idiots, like Yeonah. Please be well. I’ll keep up my blog and such but I can’t promise you anything. Don’t donate to me.



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