Ruined Dedication

I am happy to begin a new dedication to the ‘Cover to Cover’ article and video series that I will share with you here on

Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you for subscribing to and my YouTube channel. In the beginning, I had produced over three or four hundred videos before I had the horrible feeling to delete them all. Then I began again. Now the couple hundred videos that I have shared are privatized. It took some time for me to see myself, in thinning old clothes and a face that just got older, not going anywhere. The objective of DPconversations is and has always been to share the truth of God.

I had hoped to create a strong connection with like minded leaders at Santuary Church when I met with Hyung Jin Moon and Yeonah Lee Moon in the winter of 2014. Yet the way the relationship between that couple and myself unfurled was truly unexpected. Yeonah had reprimanded me after my very first service ever at their church for “not having enough sex” with my husband. Mind you, she is someone I had never talked with previously…and I had barely established any kind of understanding with her about my marriage or my love life! I was in shock. It all went downhill from there. Loudly, in the public eating space where all the church members had gathered to eat lunch, Yeonah Lee Moon has utterly disgraced my face. People, of course, followed Yeonah’s example and I found myself very well shunned and belittled.

Despite the unexpected opposition from a source where I had hoped to find brotherhood and sisterhood I continued forward with DPconversations. Yet the plan was never to do it alone. Eventually, Yeonah Lee Moon started her own YouTube called LionQueensTV channel apart from my efforts on DPconversations. I am at once crushed and pleased that she has gone forward in this way. After all, any effort for God is better than none at all. I felt a gentle calling from God to stop DPconversations for a while and that is when I discovered Yeonah’s videos online. My true hope was that someone would work with me together in strength to show the world the beauty and truth of God. I see that no one, not a soul, has stepped forward to work with me. Whether from Sanctuary Church, the Han Group, Christians…etc., I sense a great resistance against my independent love and understanding of God.

Since no one has stepped forward to work with me I have decided to simply acknowledge that their thorns have pierced me deeply. God is not finished with me yet. I am happy to begin a new dedication to the ‘Cover to Cover’ article and video series that I will share with you here on Thank you for understanding. Please make sure to subscribe!


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