Running & Prayer

Running and prayer!

Dear Readers,

As a High School student who graduated in 2006, I received the West Point Award for leadership and was awarded Magna Cum Laude in Latin studies. I was in AP classes and always on the high honor-roll. How did I manage all of that whilst Captain of the varsity girls swim team, and First Seat in my wind ensemble and marching band? I ran and I prayed.

My secret to being a successful High School student was to challenge myself to run. I wasn’t the best runner. Still, watching the track buffs made me interested in their skill and stamina and I decided to give it a try. The more I ran the better I got and the more interested I became in trying to excel. Running taught me that other peoples’ best scores don’t mean a thing to me. I was the only one who could finish my own race however slowly I ran to reach the end. Getting to the end–that’s what counts! So, running helped me to balance everything that I had to do to accomplish. I met all of my achievements regardless of the challenges I faced to reach those goals.

Facing a goal can be daunting especially if they require a skill-set that needs to be developed. In order to master the challenge of meeting a goal I had to have the heart to love everything I was doing. I had to love me. What did I have to wear everyday? Just a basic cotton t-shirt from my mom’s friend’s give-a-way pile? Did I have the spiritual stamina to deal with nay-sayers and outside influences that shook me from my goals? I had a mother that beat me everyday, as a High School student from the time that I was a two-year-old!! How did I manage to be so great while being completely torn down? It was not by my own strength but by God’s strength. I had self-conditioned my time with prayer devotions. Yes, I would run to the holy-rock at Belvedere from my home at East Garden and I would pray: EVERYDAY. First, I read God’s word, ran to Him, then spoke all my wishes, hopes, dreams and goals to Him, then I would run back home. I was successful because He healed my heart on a daily basis and running kept me strong.

If you have goals as a High School student you can achieve them. I wanted more than anything to have a beautiful God centered family. After High School, I worked on a volunteer missionary program called STF, got married, got an Associates Degree in Paralegal, and then had my first baby. I know that going back to college to finish up a Bachelor’s Degree is possible, anytime. College and money can be had while I am young or old, but I know that I can never build a family when I’m old. The time to receive God’s Holy Blessing Marriage for me was when I was in my nineteenth year of life, by the American calendar (twentieth year of life by the Korean calendar) right before my nineteenth birthday in April of 2007. I got married in February. I now have a foundation in my life to call my own: my own home, my own family, with my very special and wonderful husband, all in a little nook of the world that we call our own. I look forward to going forward again soon with my next set of dreams and goals. You too, can go forward with your most noble and sincere hopes and wishes. No one is going to stop you but yourself.

I will write more ‘Cover to Cover’ articles (accompanied with videos) very soon.

All the Best,


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