Fire In My House

I watched the fire from far away down the road in the car with the children.

All To Be Had

Fire so hot

Smoldering walls

“All get out!”

Call 911.

Red bricks

Breathless corners

Rescue teams

And sirens

Men in black

Gentle strength

A kind word

And a smile

Change in perspective

From evil to good

Love grows

God knows.

Kings and Queens

American dreams

God, Jesus, True Parents

All to be had.

I watched the smoke bellow out of our roof at 2:30AM this morning as Alex and I got all our kids into the car away from the fire. My husband and I had been up all night in deep discussion of all the world events (near and far) in relation to us and God. Our fireplace had a lovely warm fire behind the closed safety grate and we were ready to go to bed. I had just walked to the bathroom when suddenly, my husband yelled out to me, “Come here Omma! Look, there’s smoke coming out of our wall.” We realized that somehow, our walls had begun to burn internally around the chimney. In a rush, my husband called 911. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Soon, firefighters arrived. The house was broken and the fire was put out. We are all OK. God saved us by keeping us awake that night. Otherwise, this morning, we would all have been without a home or worse, dead.

I hope you enjoyed my poem.

– Somiya

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