Rob Pizzi and Tiffany Davis

Have you ever taken life as it comes at you and stood your ground to fight the unfairness pitched to you, screaming to have a bite? Well. That happened to me Yesterday. I did read God’s word but I couldn’t share it in a post with you because I had to fight off the devil in so many ways…

It all started when I noticed that my permit to purchase a pistol was running out of time. I’ve had three months to get a gun but with this purchase I wanted to take my time. I had ordered a catalog from Kahr to get a look at everything in their warehouse. Nothing really called out to me from its pages and I lost the catalog in one of my book-shelves somewhere. Eventually, I forced myself to find a place that sold hand guns in-shop, none other than New York State’s Davis Sport Shop. I found that it had a large selection of guns just out of state, on the border of NY and NJ. I called them up and asked if they could legally sell a gun to me. They said yes and I went to visit. After feeling several guns I settled on one that fit my budget and my hands perfectly: the Ruger LC9. It’s a beautiful little black gun that even the guy behind the counter was excited about. 

This happened on Monday, this week. I paid down the $500.68 in cash and had the gun prepared for me. They took down my information, and looked at my legal papers and told me to pick it up next-day at Unity Arms, LLC. I agreed and walked out of the store with a receipt for my purchase and my two little girls who had come with me to the sports shop.

Next day, I drove an hour down to Unity Arms, LLC in Northvale, NJ. The guy’s shop is located in the basement of his funeral home business, Pizzi Funeral Home. I expected to go in and fulfill a legal transaction for a gun for which I had fully paid. Unfortunately, the NIC state police system of New Jersey was down and they couldn’t perform the transaction. The Pizzis even called the New Jersey State police to see if they could get my final NIC background check done. They were told that the entire system was down. What happened next was unfortunate and it sent me into shock for the rest of the day. I even went down to my local police station after I had come home to tell them what happened.

Rob Pizzi turned to me and told me to leave his shop. I asked them for a clear understanding why they were telling me to leave the premise of an unfinished legal transaction. They told me clearly that NIC had not processed my papers and that they did not know when the NJ State police would have their system up and running again. I told Rob Pizzi that their inability to legally complete a firearms purchase was an absolute embarrassment to the NJ State Police. After all, this firearm that I purchased was fully legal and appropriately filed up to this point. It was a shame that they had to conduct business as an almost theft, and I told them that. They told me to come back on an “unknown date, maybe this Thursday,” and escorted me out the door. So, there I was, with my two little girls driving back home Yesterday afternoon with all my legal papers and $500.68 practically stolen from me. I texted them that my business with them should be treated as first priority and that I looked forward to finishing it with them soon.

As soon as I returned home I got a call from Davis Sport Shop saying that Unity Arms, LLC cancelled my order and reported me to the New Jersey police. There was no reason given to me for this cancellation. I was in total astonishment at this negative treatment by the two businesses. When asked to pick up my refund, I told Tiffany Davis of Davis Sport Shop to mail me a check for my money. She continued to harass me with emojis and texts to no end and told me that I would not get my money back unless I came back to her store to pick it up. After this horrible experience I will never again set a foot back on either premise as they have dealt with me as vermin and criminals do. I want to have nothing to do with them! I still have not gotten my money back from their rotten dishonest dealings.


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