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Everyone’s path is different in Jesus Christ. On the path of Jesus we find True Parents. It is a lonely path to find God and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. If you move down to Pennsylvania, you’re not going to find the Kingdom of Heaven. The CSG clearly states that the Kingdom of Heaven beings in our hearts. In fact, it goes on to say that, “Those who do not create the Kingdom within their hearts would be unable to contribute to Heaven even if placed in its environment. An irresolute heart cannot produce perfect action; perfect action arises only through absolute resolve.” That’s something to chew on! If we understand that True Father had tried all his life to give us the Kingdom of Heaven we will understand that our love for God is not for nothing.

If we love God, we must find a way to attend Him. Our actions must come from a clear head. The only way to have all our senses in order is to love God and connect with His absolute love via the life of Jesus. It’s doesn’t matter that our paths are different. If we keep the Kingdom of Heaven in our hearts and guard it like a new bud of spring then our actions, all of them, will come to result in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven. Unity of mind and body was a heavy conditioning point in the Unification Church when True Father was alive. The reason is because, like Yoga, it’s for your benefit. God, Jesus, and True Parents are all the same thing; this is what we call the Trinity of God.

I want to leave you this day with my favorite passage from this morning’s HDH:

“However lonely the path of our struggles, we must not avoid the path.

Rather, we must instead unswervingly blaze a trail with a mind to break through and move on.

God’s Kingdom begins from our resolution and determination to open up an environment for our body to unite with such a mind.

Where the actions of the mind and body are separated, the Kingdom does not exist.”

Have a beautiful day. I will share with you again Tomorrow.



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