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Joyful perfect love

To Be Useful

I have no more tears

when I think of you

I’ve a friend all blue

It’s not so bad, have cheer

Joyful perfect love

The fun you bring to me

Wrench me not from Him

To fall from clouds on trucks.

Where your mind lingers, I knoweth not

But you have found my heart

You have put it in your threads

So we are not apart.

Joy is in relationships

True Parents’ transparent realm

In Jesus’ name redeemed from sin

Complete with love, behold!

truth is freedom

discipline ~ strength

origin foundation purpose

Now Come!


This is a ‘Cover to Cover’ article. It’s actually my take on the Introduction of the Divine Principle. I am having some problems with my computer, recently. I couldn’t bring myself to type out an article of the Intro to the Divine Principle so my technical problems served as a legitimate excuse to delay my work. I have been painfully mulling over a good delivery of the text for a few days. The Introduction itself is self-explanatory and very beautiful to read.

After ripping my mind apart for the best way to share the Intro with you, I decided to give it heart-to-heart with a poem. My reflection on being useful to God started with an obvious answer, that we become responsible men and women who can create His Royal Family on earth as it is in Heaven! Yet the human life is not entirely in the love-making phase. Of course, there is childhood, and the time when we are not mating.

I came to the conclusion that we are most useful to God when we are filled with joy. The act of sex is usually seen as the Fall but scientifically and from God’s untainted perspective, it is the most holy and miraculous love. Jesus and True Parents are the structure of God’s truth, not of your sins. The redemption of sin and the establishment of the restored Adam and Eve has now been fulfilled in True Parents. Sex, ideally, brings the most joy to God. People perverted love at its core with Satan and he owns you unless you choose to serve God and attend His perfect love with your life.


Update on Feb. 14, 2020: Click here to watch the accompanying video.


Exposition of the Divine Principle. Canonized by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. HSA-UWC. 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. 1996.

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