His Inaction

Inspired to call her but never to speak

Had to learn yet more but so no one could see

But then!

You wasted her time.

Be gone from me you little cheap!

Foolish scrap from the hands of thieves!

How cold:

Knowledge without compassion.

“[He] love(s) no one,” so self-convinced

A sink drain blocked by mineral composites

To learn!?

His affects mere mockery!

To her no profit at the expense of life

One life to live, now strapped for time.


His inaction upon an empty line.

Feel free to get the free download of the Divine Principle above. It’s as much as I can give you, as I have downloaded it off of www.sanctuary-pa.org, myself. Likewise, I’ve also posted the Cheon Seong Gyeong and the Peace Messages.

Don’t wait on me to take you through the Divine Principle again…I already did that with my YouTube videos–for five years! Now, they are mostly not public anymore. Were they working for you? Maybe you should read my poem let me know.


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