A Personal Decision

Good morning! In reading Genesis 31, I am reminded of the life and death of so many people. I am reminded that the cunning of Rachel to take her father’s gods were to convince him that even they had left him for the evil he was doing to her husband Jacob…the one who loved her the most and yet could not. Still, Jacob did whatever he had to do in order to love her. In the end though, Laban proved himself to be a hard selfish man who did not care about love, especially the innocent first love of Jacob for Rachel and her for him. 

History is made along the grooves of love. It is not enough, never enough, to have money, wealth, and power. The devil uses those things as a trick to make people fall into him as their god. Then they set up idols to recognize his godliness upon themselves. They try to live according to his prompting but it is all a trick. Culture and religion and the life and death of so many people in this earth has shocked God out of existence but for the love of His servants Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

All this love is real. For love Jacob stayed with Laban. For love’s ideal sake Jacob stayed with Laban. He knew that his father Issac was the miracle of his grandfather’s faith but that there had been concubines and wives that had distracted Abraham from giving his focus to Issac. His wealth had been scattered and Issac was weak with sorrow for most of his life. The Bible says that he made love to Rebekah in his mother’s tent as a comfort for her death. Sarah was the only one that had really loved Issac. Yet it was Sarah who started Abraham on the path of polygamy. So, for the ideal that she had hoped for…the sacred love between her and Abraham and the children that they had wished to bear Sarah must have instructed Issac in regards to his sexual life. Abraham loved God and Issac was their miracle. Sarah had not acted wisely with Hagar.

Issac, the boy who was saved from death on the altar by the word of an angel must have truly loved Abraham and he kept his faith in God. When Esau and Jacob were born from Rebekah he only wanted to honor God in the lives of his sons. He raised them up as princes. He allowed them to be the masters of their own crafts. Jacob took faith to the next level when he bought Esau’s birthright, as though it was something to be purchased! All these people have died before me. I am Somiya. 

I have lived my life for the sake of God’s love. I will recognize that with the onyx ring. It has not been for nothing. Love is real. I acknowledge that with the onyx stone and silver. In all ways of life we must be careful with love. It is love that has brought me through to the age of 31. I recognize the passing of time, the children I have had, our marriage, and the heartbreak; the victory, and the decision that I have made to walk forward in the groove of God’s love and no other with absolute faith, absolute obedience, and absolute love. Not one exsits without the other, that’s what True Father told me. He was real. So am I.



The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV. Colorado: Biblica, Inc., 2011. Print (Genesis 27-31)

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