What is DPconversations?

DPconversations started out as something that I used to propel a message forward about God. It was a transparent account of my experiences with the Sanctuary Church as well. Should I be ashamed of my honesty? No, not at all. In fact, it has given you all something very real to think about.

What am I doing now? I am chilling–that means that I am simply letting it be. Everyone has their own opinion but your opinions do not change the facts. I know the facts about my life, at the very least! What fact do you know? Would you like to share facts with me? It is humorous to watch humanity run from the facts again and again. I’m leaving such nonsensical relationships continuously, which, I find to usually originate from the folly of women.

Men are usually not the problem.

DPconversations videos have reached a standstill. “My Pledge” is not the “Family Pledge” set down by God at his second coming. It means nothing to me, or does it? I’m actually not sure of myself at this point with this whole YouTube exposure culture…At my discretion, I may release some relevant videos that cover the Divine Principle, which, is the main sway of the DPconversations videos that I have produced.


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