I’ll Tell You How

Caramelized Oranges from Sicily

I’ll Tell You How

Since you have intrigued me from far off yonder
with a voice annoying and questions and laughter
I’ll tell you how. I’ll tell you how.
OK. OK. I’ll tell you how.

First you have to wait and that might take your entire life
Then you go to God together and get Blessed.
Marriage is a journey that really can be just once…
And then you have a child after your wife can’t sleep
eat, drink, or think for just about nine months.

OK. Get ready now. I’m about to tell you how.
It goes like this: first you wiggle your right ear.
Then you must wiggle your thumb, of course on your right hand
at the same time, please wiggle your foot and right toe.

Then think!

Think of all your wishes and dreams
close your eyes and breathe it in. Languages swim
Music plays and the love you have made comes
down to a name.
Didn’t I tell you how to do this before?


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