Fallen National Messiahs

The National Messiah of Israel is Alexander Stephen Gabb. He was officially appointed by Sun Myung Moon. He is is now a follower of the Han Harlot, betrayer of the Divine Principle. Should Stephen be responsible, in the very least, to stand by the Divine Principle when it is under attack by the ditheistic proclamations made by Hak Ja Han Moon? One would think so!

After a poignant discussion with the despicable fallen National Messiah of Israel on facebook the conclusion is that he participates in and proudly proselytizes for the church and theology of Hak Ja Han Moon which, in every sense of the term is original Satanism. How did such a noble man become such a demon? Who can say but himself? He is one of many leaders whom the Messiah at his Second Coming Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon trusted and loved as his own self to carry out various missions with countries and peoples around the world.

Christianity is centered on Jesus Christ. His words and sacrifice and resurrection created spiritual salvation for humanity. The second coming of Christ Sun Myung Moon loved all the adopted children of Christ as well as those of other religions to bring them all back to God our Heavenly Father. Humanity is to be united by His words, lineage, and the victorious restoration of True Parents on this earth.

Our mission before all others is to keep God’s words, lineage, and the victory of True Parents now in our own Holy Blessings. The family is the most sacred place where God’s love is kept safe. Jesus restored the individual as sons and daughters but the returning Lord restored individuals who could build true families, tribes, nations, the world, and cosmos.

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– SC Gabb, November 30, 2017

Note Update:

This man, Stephen Gabb, is my father-in-law and his full name is Alexander Stephen Gabb. I originally thought so highly of him. In his written word to me, he has accounted for all his public leadership works as a National Messiah. Later, he actively proselytized for the false wedding ceremony of Satan under Hak Ja Han, having married many couples together–so much so that he and Connie were rewarded by Hak Ja Han for the amount of marriages they produced under her.

At the time of the publication of this post two years ago, Stephen Gabb began a lawsuit against me so that he could protect his name from being used on DPconversations.com and in my video titles. I am simply holding him accountable (then and now) to his actions against True Father, Sun Myung Moon. I have to update this article with his correct identification! Within the Holy Bible all people are identified by their names, and so is Stephen Gabb to be held accountable. There is nothing he can legitimately sue me for–I didn’t say his name wrongly. He is a very real person, as real as Sun Myung Moon had been. In my humble opinion, Stephen Gabb is a man who creates his own delusions about his daughter-in-law and himself to the point of creating a legal offense against her of his own devise.

This is undeserved hatred against me. His lawsuit is still active against me, as I have received legal notifications from his lawyer that the firm will continue to monitor all my activity on the internet. We have consequently warned Stephen and his wife, Constance Ann Kapp Gabb, of a possible restraining order upon him and her if they ever come near our family or home again.

-Somiya, December 20, 2019

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