Balloon of Dreams

Balloon of Dreams

Right now we’re in a struggle, backs up against the wall.

In a snap, straight iced like cats

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

Fear doubt pain and anger

Eating too much too soon or starving away to puke

That’s not life. No life at all…

I’m not trying to sell you Jesus. Look bitch, I don’t take donations.

Look at your life, the hard honest truth.

Fear starts from somewhere close. Hearts festered in unconscious vibrations.

Somethings to put behind or sift

Can memories be separated? Would that tear you apart…

It couldn’t honey. You’re here. Hard hit.

A floating balloon of dreams…does it still twang for each of us?

God’s given you His painter’s touch.

You are the masterpiece of His dreams; We only have God to trust.

In God we surrender our fears. Love much?


We’re more alike than you think. Hate is same to everyone..

Love is unique. God is most clever.

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