Shoot Correctly

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Dear Readers,

My previous post about having good insurance will only go so far when you are in a critical situation. Obviously, if you are defending your home against an offender you should shoot him dead. Guns are deadly weapons. Freedom is always first attacked with the prohibition of guns because criminals do not want to die, even if they hurt or murder others themselves. We shall not let evil people take guns away from the remnant of good gun owners in America!

To guard the freedom to bear arms for self-defense and a citizen militia we must take care to legally stand in the right and fight for its protection. They say practice makes perfect. It is as true in learning a violin as it is in handling a gun of any kind. So, we must make sure to go the range often and practice, at least once a month. Please encourage others around you to responsibly prepare to defend themselves as part of the good gun owners of America.

God bless you my brothers and sisters!


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