Scream Emotionally

Recently, I heard Dr. Hyung Jin Moon talking out the topic of emotion as an effect of instinct—and that is all—monologue on his Kings Report. Looking at the Holy Bible and True Father’s words, I would have to disagree. Let’s find out the use of having emotions.

“I am experiencing bitter pain like that of a man writhing in agony while having his heart cut out.”

Sun Myung Moon, CSG 159

At the time of Genesis 5 how would anyone know that God recognized any person of living a Godly life besides with their emotional instinct? A man born of Seth named Enoch was publicly recognized as a man who walked faithfully with God but there was no church at the time. (Gen. 5:24) Right after Noah was born, his father Lamech commented, “He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the LORD has cursed.” (Gen. 5:29) If Lamech was not in-tune with his emotions he would never have said such a thing about this son. The Bible does not have a record of angels or dreams in regards to Noah. Lamech just knew he was special.

The CSG is a document of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s spoken words on God. He says of God, “I am experiencing bitter pain like that of a man writhing in agony while having his heart cut out.” (CSG 159) If that is not an emotionally explosive sentence, you and I read different sentences. Look again. True Father is the most emotional man on planet earth. He completely understands God and his emotional reaction to God’s heart even surprises most women, like me.

Emotionalism does not negate intelligence and will nor does it eliminate the great resource of human history. Genesis 5 is all about lineage, after all. Have the ‘God is Good’ mentality instead of the ‘freak-out and scream judgmentally at every human but Kook Jin Moon’ mentality as a King of Cheon Il Guk. We are listening to every single one of your emotions, Dr. Sean. In fact, on the flip side, I would say that most women tend to be as unemotional as a dry cardboard box. Thank you God, for filling us up with love and passion. Amen.



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