God’s Providence vs. Evil Law!

I’m going to make a stomach sinking point here in three short paragraphs but first let us ponder Genesis 4 as we watch Eve remake life after the fall. First of all, she lost the way to life and was kicked out of the Garden of Eden with Adam for connecting themselves to Satan’s lineage. Second, she and Adam never apologized to God for their newly found sexuality and went on to have children. After her first son murdered his younger brother, Eve sighed begrudgingly had her last child named Seth. Satan had taken everything that was God’s, except Seth—meaning weakling—because who wants a loser anyhow? God did.

Call it post-shadowing but we see this scenario again in Esau and Jacob’s story down the bloodline of Seth when Rebekah tricks Issac (Genesis 27:46) into blessing Jacob, the younger son. This time, Jacob is tested alive and continues to form the twelve tribes of Israel. He was responsible for his faith to serve the Master God instead of the Master Satan, according to the covenant of the cutting of the foreskin established by God and Abraham. Originally, God did not want his sons to mutilate themselves but the law of restoration required them to do so as an act of loyalty to the true Master of the Universe, also known as God.

“Responsible hunters, trappers and anglers want wildlife violators removed from the population of ethical sporting enthusiasts.

Keith Griglak, Senior Wildlife Biologist

So, now when you flip open New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Digest to page fifteen (after pages covered with the most recently required licenses and permits to even walk in a forest) we see Keith Griglak, proudly identifying himself as “Senior Wildlife Biologist” in a blurb about cutting folks from interacting with creation for five years plus if they even so much as swim in a pond twice. He justifies the law with the mistakes of real people in real violations according to the law. He encourages citizens to spy on each other with cameras and phone calls to the police. Now, this is not God’s law but New Jersey law! Evil lawmakers are happily hunting the human population out of the mountains, lakes, fields, and nature overall. Happy hunting.



Griglak, Keith. “Two Strikes, You’re Out!” New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Digest. August 2019. (p.15)

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