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DPconversations Playlist. Click Here to Listen.

I do feel as though I was dropped upon a rocky borderline of “Why are you still doing this” and “We don’t appreciate you, weakling”, in a very nice twitter confrontation between a Kenyan brother and myself, recently. Of course, you don’t need me to read to you when you have eyes of your own to read. If you don’t, I pity you. Please find someone nearby who can read to you! I had set my soundcloud account to DPconversations but I reverted it back to my own name so that I don’t feel obligated to square myself off in a corner of the world and freeze to death in my vertical relationship with God.

DPconversations Playlist. Click Here to Listen.

He told me to “Get up. Get warm.” Therefore, I have realized that very few appreciate my content, if but a couple recordings at that, never-mind the reception of the general public and their uninterested existence in my life. Honestly, DPconversations was not born to be rejected. As for my disputes with the established churches, my conclusion is that basically, they have their people to work with and they better do things right so that they can welcome ardent fervent lovers of God like myself into their midst!

Enjoy this podcast playlist. I may or may not continue it when I turn eighty. We shall see. I do, however, plan to continue with articles, this year.



DPconversations Playlist. Click Here to Listen.

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