Three Men

Three men

one cared not

one ignored

the other listened.


Now, there was a religious man, a fisherman. He had seven children and a foreign wife from Asia. She was a devout woman as they come and she believed in Jesus. There was a problem in their marriage though, as they always fought. Eventually, this man did not care about his worth or Jesus or God. No, he just cared about money.

Second, there was a religious man, a business man in New York City. He had two children whom he doted upon with gifts and sweet words of God. His wife was a foreign woman from Asia. She was Buddhist by tradition but had converted to Christianity when she learned of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. They had received the Holy Blessing marriage covenant. She, however, glorified herself at every turn and belittled their children. Their father started to ignore the signs that his family was breaking apart. He simply couldn’t take it anymore. Yet he still loved God.

The last was a billionaire. People flocked around him and they doted on him. He grew richer and richer without lifting a finger, it seemed. He had no wife. One sex partner had conceived his child and had told him about it saying, “it’s none of your business.” She had an abortion. Broken as he was, he found a Christian on the internet expressing her faith in words that she could barely speak in video after video that she kept posting on YouTube. He befriended her. This man struggled with the truth because he listened to the words of God that she shared.

Which man of the three was the most useful to God? 1. The man with the perfect family who only cared about money? 2. The man who loved God but ignored the breakdown of his family? 3. The man whose child had been aborted without his consent but took his faith seriously?

This is another take on the Parable of the sower whose seed fell on different kinds of soil. Does faith truly make a difference if we don’t care? No. Does faith make a difference if we ignore the deterioration of the establishment of faith in our lives? No. Does faith make a difference if we have been through hell, and even so, listen and struggle to live according to God’s word? Yes. The third man will be the most fruitful in this senario.


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