Mrs. Kang

Dear Readers,

When I was young in Gracemere, many children also lived there with me. We were the children of True Parents. Often, I would tell others that “this woman eating and talking with the members is True Mother when she was young.” I would often say this in front of adults who looked extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable. They would sshh me and say, “No, Somiya, that is not True Mother. True Mother is not in that picture.” Her head was turned from the camera though so I simply would not believe them. I just knew.

Eventually, I was told that it was just some member that followed True Father in Korea. I still wondered if there had been some mix up that folks didn’t know about because I was rock-solid sure that this little lady was True Mother. I never found out exactly who that lady was until Hyung Jin Moon blessed Kang Hyun Shil Moon to True Father. It was Mrs. Kang, all along.

So, just as a little extra, I wanted to let you all know it. Amen. Mansei!


P.S. I cannot seem to find the picture on the internet at the time of the writing of this article, so post it if you’ve got it! 🙂

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