NEEDED: Cooperation of God’s People

As we build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth with the Kingship of God in our Blessed Holy Marriages we must not always be so keen to point out the speck in our brother’s eye when we have a plank in our own. As we forgive each other for our short-sightedness in matters of Providence we also find ways to appreciate each other’s families and missions.

DPconversations videos have come to an end. Every video should have a nugget of biblical faith tucked away inside for viewers, as well as the truth of the Kingdom of God. The videos are one ribbon of many that can tie fabulously into a beautiful resounding testimony of brothers and sisters who have been saved in the name of Jesus as True Parents.

It is always the will of Jesus to give himself up for humanity and allow us to to owe no cost for living well in God’s grace. The glory of Jesus is in every beautiful child and Blessed Central family who keep faith and honor the logic and truth of God’s existence in their lives. It is in these United States of America that the Messiah Jesus at his Second Coming in Rev. Sun Myung Moon spent over 40 years of his life. He often did not find time to rest because he poured every moment into others.

Everyday that passes without Jesus here on earth must not be shrouded in darkness and chaos. The universe has an order and the truth of Jesus too has an order. The sun rises and sets; the moon rises and sets. Sun and Moon cooperate and make sense. In giving God glory, not one of us can completely replace Jesus or attempt to mimic his Glory and majesty by ‘myself,’ alone. It is only with the responsibilities that each one of us fulfills as priest, musician, writer, teacher, so-on-and-so-forth, that His Glory is mirrored back to Him.

May the Kingdom of God be established in the Holy name of Jesus as His true Jerusalem, and quickly.

Written by Somiya Chapman Gabb

May 24, 2019

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