Judah vs. Jesus

“When making decisions, it is important to consider all the potential consequences of your choices – intended and unintended.” (Economics 1.3)

A shred of truth that feminists can take from the economic principle of scarcity is that freedom originates within God’s establishment of Jesus and from Him came the earliest feminists who drew upon God’s strength as evangelists, abolitionists, women’s rights activists and intellectuals. God is the source of freedom and prosperity for all humanity. The fifth wave of feminism has already begun before the fourth wave has ended and it can be understood in a simple comparison between Judah and Jesus.

Looking into the Old Testament story of Judah we find an example (regardless of gender) of a human being who departed from the faith of God which ruled Abraham, Issac, and Joseph that was given in words of promise to them via dreams and visions. Judah took God’s establishment of faith in his ancestors lightly—perhaps as a non-existent myth—and married a Canaanite woman with whom he had three sons. His first two reckless evil sons died by the will of God as the husbands of Tamar. Judah then carelessly promised his third son to his daughter-in-law to fulfill the husbandry of the first son that she married. Nowhere in the previous chapters is this type of marital provision explained or acknowledged as God’s tradition for his servants: Israel. Tamar, upon the promise of Judah then succeeded in impregnating herself as Judah’s temple prostitute with his sperm and was found righteous in Judah’s judgment because of his promise to her. Judah had left God’s good promise and had given into the promises of the world. Likewise, feminism has left the freedom of God and instead promotes ungodly issues such as legalized abortion as a form of social welfare, which is actually a provision of a socialist state that eradicates the rights and freedoms of human life in the womb.

“If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you but you must rule over it.” (Genesis 4:7)

In Jesus, however, feminism has the power to combat the evils that lie awaiting the downfall of a society centered on insane inclinations of modern American women to murder their own children and call it “Reproductive Rights.” Jesus was tempted also by an unrighteous self-serving power in Matthew 4. It was only after he rejected all mental and spiritual lures that Jesus could use himself to walk in Galilee and all the villages throughout that region to preach to and heal humanity from the effects of their mental and physical illnesses. The devil made a mockery of God’s power and told Jesus to throw himself down from the highest point of the city to allow God to carry him without getting injured. Jesus stood firmly in his relationship with God and refused to test the power therein. Feminists too have a great power as social influencers as they relate with the world. The great feminists such as Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Susan B. Anthony first related with God to take a powerful stand for abolition, intellectual development and prosperity, and women’s suffrage. In these last days it is crucial for feminists to recenter their fortitude in God and His powerful truth that freedom is an inalienable human right.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon had this hope for women: that women would be governmental decision makers who would set society free as God would emancipate this world. The lesson of Judah was that the moment he departed from the promise of God’s freedom he created a world wherein he had to eat the sin of his ways and be utterly humiliated by his own powers. Jesus shows that a relationship with God is just as important as His scripture and that we should not test the power of God with our notions of power and love. Feminists must return to God now and refuse to act any longer as a socialist tool to control the masses toward their own destruction.

Written by Somiya Chapman Gabb

May 10, 2019

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