What is the Scarcest and Most Abundant Resource?

I found a great Apple Book called Economics by the Virginia Department of Education. My newest video continues the study of the Holy Bible with a discussion on economics. In the first twelve pages of this economics textbook I found the discussion of scarcity to be relevant to our lives. Economically, is love a resource? The intangible and almost cliche “true love” is at once our scarcest and most abundant resource.

Throughout the Old Testament, we can see that Jews often accomplished things through devotion and conditions of time and physical offerings. Jews were told by God to prepare themselves as Holy Sacraments to the Lord God, as seen in the time of Moses. However illogical these offerings may have seemed, God always proved His greatness to the Jewish, often unfaithful people, by providing for and blessing them with great abundance after their provision of faith. Thus the Jewish religion became a culture of righteousness in their conditions of faith. This conditional religion has a relationship of master to servant between God and His people. Through the Jewish people, God had prepared a nation to welcome His son Jesus. The prize of having Jesus on earth was God’s example of scarcity: He spent all of history for the purchase of His one son.

In the New Testament, Jesus is the most perfect son of God regardless of religion. Joseph had to give up Judaic religious law to care for Mary and Jesus although he could have easily eschewed Mary for being pregnant by Priest Zechariah. However, Joseph was told by God that her son was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Hence, Joseph secretly gave up his religion to stow her away from harm that she would birth God’s son. It was a miracle. Jesus came to the earth regardless of religion to be welcomed by the Jewish nation as the King of Kings as they had been prepared by God to do! The scarcity experienced by Joseph was that he gave his personal life, love, and lineage to welcome God’s son.

Economically, God works through the cause and effect of scarcity that people live in Today. God only works in real-life as He is the creator of this Universe. As we understand our scarce resources we tend to notice that love is the scarcest resource. The world is cold and exacting. God’s love too can be said to be cold and exacting. However, in Jesus alone, God’s love is the most abundant resource. True love is not an attraction or a sin but the cause of a perfect world. The more we understand Jesus’ love for us the clearer it becomes: trust, hope, peace, and human rights all come from the love of God. We must give up the fallen world if we will claim the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is economics. If we are to share the abundance of His love it would be a great fault of the citizens of the United States of America to betray Jesus in the face of difficult economic choices.

-Somiya Chapman Gabb
May 1, 2019


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