Finding Joy Together

“The passing joys of those who delight in the pleasures of the flesh are nothing compared to the bliss experienced by those on the path of enlightenment, who find joy in the midst of simple poverty. Gautama Buddha, who abandoned the luxuries of the royal palace and became enraptured in the pursuit of the Way, was not the only one who wandered about homeless while searching for his heart’s resting place. Just as a healthy body depends upon a sound mind, so too the joy of the body is complete only when the mind is content.” (Divine Principle, p.3 para 3)


On 22 April 2018 I survived an interview by Mr. Tom Dunkel of the Washington Post Magazine. He carefully asked if I was homeless–homeless for a church, that is. I laughed and responded that I am not homeless. It is fortunate that I do have a roof over my head for I do not think I could wander about homeless like Gautama Buddha and survive to see the next morning. Men and women are different, you see? No, I responded to Mr. Dunkel, we read holy scripture at home–we home church. Even as we study and develop individually we depend on a God centered healthy interaction between husband and wife, parents and children, coworkers, friends, men and women to find the fullness of tangible and intangible content.


My husband and I have been married now into our eleventh anniversary and still I realize that our relationship is evolving and is a living testament to the endurance of God’s strength. Shaunti Feldhahn claims eight revelations are hers to share with the world in her book For Women Only. She explains that after tons of research and interviews with men of all backgrounds she has found eight common underlying attributes to them that are headline news to women. Her eighth point really had me at “aha” which she alludes to as the “light bulb on!” moment in human relationships (Feldhahn, p.8-9). It reads: “You don’t need to be a size 3, but your man does need to see you making the effort to take care of yourself–and he will take on significant cost or inconvenience in order to support you.” This is something a man will never tell a woman, raise your hand if you already know this. I sure didn’t! I have been through a decade of marriage and have never really been told by my husband that he cares about how I look. However, when I read Shaunti’s last revelation I realize that he, in fact, does notice and care about my physical existence, which, I find nice.  I would never have known that my husband, whom I understand to have despised me for my entire married life, actually appreciates my beauty when he uses his extremely limited resources to buy me clothes and workout equipment. Forgive me if I claim this as my one golden egg from the marriage that my husband and I have not betrayed in good faith.


Jesus mentions Shaunti’s revelation of man’s generosity and care, in the parable of the good Samaritan. However, this time, the relationship is between two men: a beggar and an affluent man. The law is written that to love God, men and women need to love God with all of their soul heart mind and strength, and to love thine neighbor as thyself. (Holy, Luke 10:26-28). The good Samaritan is a man with a God centered conscience and generosity. Don’t you think it is generous of the good Samaritan to have cared so tenderly for a man he had never met? Jesus said for humankind to do just this in order to inherit eternal life (Holy, Luke 10:25-37). Thus, we can understand from Jesus that it is not the church that will bring us to heaven but our unity with God’s law in our soul heart mind and strength. Jesus revealed in the parable of the good Samaritan that our actions stem from the axis of our conscience and that good men will naturally care for the people around them. The axis of our conscience is God.


All of us have something precious to offer to God. He created us to be His physical manifestations on this earth. He wants us to learn about love that is patient kind and everlasting. He wants so much for us, and we have revelations of it through religion or science. Religion is the invisible enlightenment and science is the physical. Now, as religion and science come together it is more important to the discovery of cooperation and a peaceful future that humanity acknowledge and attend God. The greatest revelations are those of Jesus the Lord at His First Coming and Sun Myung Moon the Lord at His Second Coming. We must begin to understand their words.


26 April 2018


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