Anchored in God’s Word


The video linked above was the most painful thing to watch for someone who understands the Divine Principle. Hyung Jin Moon and Yeonah Lee Moon welcomed Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang to be the Harlot of Babylon to True Father, who has restored women through Hak Ja Han and physically died whilst in Holy Matrimony of God’s eternal Blessing with her. Hak Ja Han has not betrayed her Holy Blessing by divorce since the death of Sun Myung Moon. She has posthumously altered his spoken words with her own version of the canonized text that she says humanity will “take to heaven.” It does not make logical sense either for her to proclaim Heavenly Father as a dual theistic entity. Hyung Jin Moon and Yeonah Lee Moon may have broken the trust of humanity, which, our dear True Father attributed to them when they created Mrs. Kang as the Harlot of Babylon because she poses as a True Mother in matrimony to a spirit-man (the Holy Spirit) having adulterated her original Holy Blessing to St. Augustine with divorce. Her divorce caused her to leave any relation she had with the Holy Spirit. Sun Myung Moon accomplished his mission and died without divorce to Hak Ja Han. This three headed monster created by Hyung Jin Moon obscures the purity of True Parents who are made as one man and one woman who have previously been restored by Sun Myung Moon as the perfect representation of God and the original ancestor of all humankind. Mrs. Kang is nonsense!


It is interesting to see how things unfold so quickly now that Hyung Jin Moon begins to act more and more astronomically powerful in a providence that he seems to manipulate through his psychological access to the spirit-world. The Divine Principle says of spiritual mediums like Hyung Jin Moon:

“Spiritual mediums are often confused and fall into conflict among themselves, because the levels of the spirit world with which they are in communication and the content of the revelations they receive differ. Although spiritually perceptive people are in contact with the same spirit world, because their circumstances and positions vary and their character, intellect and spirituality are at different levels, they will perceive the spirit world in different ways. These differences give rise to conflicts among them.” (Divine Principle, p.142 para 3)

It is crucial for all people to return to the words of Jesus Christ. As the articles on are written, the reader will notice how SCGabb is originally very supportive of Hyung Jin Moon, then in complete disagreement, then again forgiving in a desperate resolve to trust him and understand his actions with Hyun Shil Kang as some sort of elaborate cover-up to protect followers of Christ at His Second Coming. However, now, as it is quite obvious with the 59th celebration of True Parents in honor of Hyun Shil Kang, bespoken by Timothy Elder as the perfect True Parents, SCGabb must resolutely stand on solid ground only in the spoken words of Jesus Christ and Sun Myung Moon away from the established betrayal of True Parents by Hyung Jin Moon. Hak Ja Han Moon is still alive and has not divorced True Father. Holy Matrimony, even without God’s Holy Blessing is an intrinsic connection between husband and wife that makes man and woman one flesh put together by God (Matthew 19:4-6). Hyung Jin Moon being just a man cannot presume the authority to divide the Holy Blessing Marriage of anyone (St. Augustine, Mrs. Kang’s former husband, and) especially that of True Parents.


Hyung Jin Moon claimed to have been told by True Father spiritually that Mrs. Kang was to be Sun Myung Moon’s new bride in order to allow him to achieve spiritual perfection. Both Sun Myung Moon and St. Augustine are spirit men (the former being the Holy Spirit). Their wives are old women who have not physically had sex with other men since death. Only Mrs. Kang agreed to a divorce from her spirit-husband. Hak Ja Han Moon as yet to do so! According to the text of Jesus Christ, God and all humanity are restored at his Second Coming. Sun Myung Moon said of Hak Ja Han that she completed the perfection of women and that together they stood as the original ancestors of humanity. It is quite plain and clear that Hak Ja Han and Hyung Jin Moon and perhaps even the entire Moon clan have released themselves from the words of Sun Myung Moon by either changing his text, disobeying it, or even presuming to continue his work as though he had not completed it before death! They do as they please according to their spiritual experiences and directives. Confusion ensues in great err. Hak Ja Han has recently been recorded as saying that the Divine Principle itself is outdated and must be altered. God did not tell Hyung Jin Moon to marry Him to anyone new since God would not betray his own Holy Blessing. Conclusively, something else in the spirit-realm must have whispered into Hyung Jin Moon’s ear to divorce Kang from St. Augustine and marry her to Sun Myung Moon.


The Last Days are certainly confusing! Those who work against Christ are the Anti-christ. The words of Christ are the trust we have in each other as we individually relate with God. Anything besides Jesus is doomed to hellfire (please take this sentence within context of this particular essay). The Holy Bible says this of the saints, “For it pleased those from Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor among the saints who are in Jerusalem.” (Romans 15:26) The saints alive in Jesus’ time were not necessarily rich nor are they Today. For the saints were the people who gave away all their earthly treasure to live for the love of Jesus Christ. How did they build the world of Christ’s domain? They lived and breathed by the words he spoke to know of his love! The record of Jesus Christ at his first coming is sparse compared to the words canonized by Sun Myung Moon at His Second Coming. Have faith in His words and press forward in that solid trustworthy domain of faith. When in doubt always return to the text. We are anchored in God’s word.


16 April 2018


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  1. Hake Ja Han fell
    through a sexual relationship with the devil
    while her late husband was still alive.
    She got engaged in an illicit marriage with Satan.

    Rev. Black-Diamond

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