Responsible Hyung Jin Moon

“Nevertheless, we have been unable to find the ultimate answer to the question: What is the nature of good and evil? We still do not have an absolute and definite truth which can enable us to distinguish, for example, which of the two, theism or atheism, is good and which is evil. Furthermore, we remain entirely ignorant of the answers to such questions as: What is the original mind, the wellspring of good desires? What is the origin of the evil mind that incites evil desires in opposition to the original mind? What is the root cause of the contradiction that brings people to ruin? In order to ward off evil desires and follow good desires, we must overcome this ignorance and gain the ability to distinguish clearly between good and evil. Then we can take the path to the good life the original mind seeks.” (Divine Principle, p.2 para 4)


Rev. Sun Myung Moon died on September 3, 2012 at 1:54AM KST. He was 92 years old. He died after suffering multiple organ failure. (Sun) The quoted words above are his very own canonized in the Divine Principle. I miss him so much. Even on a gloomy day when nobody cared for me and I was addictively beaten by my lunatic mother I could still walk into the room before the break of dawn and be filled with total happiness as I witnessed the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Holy) standing before us all and speaking with his mouth the very words that are now canonized in the Cheon Seong Gyeong and the Divine Principle among other sacred texts.


Yes, he was a Korean man. He loved Korean culture because it has order and clarity between relationships of men and women, husband and wife, children and parents, older and younger siblings, grandparents and grandchildren, and even businessmen right within its language. It can take a casual tone. It can be professional. The best thing about Korean is that there is no room for misunderstanding. Hak Ja Han is truly the Harlot of Babylon for dissecting her husband’s spoken words to her own preference. Hyung Jin Moon, nevertheless, is standing responsibly to guard his Father’s work even if he himself is unable to do his own work in this decade. I believe that the ordeal with Mrs. Kang is a cover-act on behalf of Hyung Jin Moon to protect us little ones who also love and believe in True Father.


We love God so much. Nobody can deny that our hearts and our blood and our longing is for God. Father must be so lonely up in heaven watching the dilemma on earth. Our confusion and pain can only be resolved with the truth. Six years have passed since the day of his death. When I met Hyung Jin Moon at the end of November in 2014 I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he was, all quiet and alone. He is my beloved brother in whom I completely trust. I am grateful for the Holy Blessing that he carries and shares with my couple and others as the representatives of True Parents. As for Yeonah, I really hope she does gain some muscle and learns to stop acting and start loving. She, after-all, shares the responsibility of our collective and relatively easy burden to share God’s words of the Completed Testament Age with all the people of this world.



7 April 2018


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