Spritz Each Other

“Can anyone dispute that the human condition is fallen? When we realize the fact that, due to the Fall, we have arrived at the brink of self-destruction, we make desperate efforts to resolve the contradiction within. We repel the evil desires coming from our evil mind and embrace the good desires springing from our original mind.” (Divine Principle, p.2 para 3)

Living a good life is easier said than done. Although the situation exists for good times, good people, and good things to happen there is often a nasty turn around of events that can rot even the best apple on the tree. Look at history. The prosperity of America in the mid-twentieth century was no mistake but how did it happen? Even prosperity is measured according to the desires of the human mind.


The teaching of the Divine Principle is that the desperation of humanity is the crucial effort to avoid self-destruction brought about by the Human Fall. The parallels of history will show that the margin of a prosperous time is always within reach yet. “The United States became a superpower–thanks in large part to U.S. Merchant Mariners–and if we wish to remain a superpower in today’s ever-changing world, we must maintain a healthy pool of trained educated and licensed U.S. Merchant Mariners.” (Chip) The logic behind history is that the effort of people will unequivocally bring about a result. Several examples of this claim can be found in 16th century development of American colonies, domestic and international trade in the 19th century, and Today in the 21st century with the desperate need for mariners to maintain the effort of U.S. trade and prosperity. The understanding here is that according to economic development and prosperity the people of the 16th-19th century sought for the good more desperately than the people of the 21th century. It is very interesting to meet people who dislike Sun Myung Moon’s teachings while they bemoan the economic downfall between the Presidencies of Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.


Logically, Jesus said for men to remove the plank from their own eye before they try to remove the speck from their brother’s eye. (Holy) His words penetrate profoundly into the relationship between the adopted sons of God and the direct sons of God in these Last Days. It is crucial that men and women of America understand the Divine Principle and use it to resolve the destruction of America before it is realized. “In 1930 the total mileage of rural roads was over 3,000,000, of which over 693,000 were surface.” (Trade, p.293) The development of transportation and economic growth was astounding, even record setting. “…the commerce of the Mississippi Valley was $653,900,000. Since this was growth from almost nothing in 1790 it is a truly remarkable record of commercial expansion.” America is still the same country with the same potential for success and prosperity as it had in the eighteenth century. Yet, Today, the desire of men and women to support one another and build a God centered reality is not as desperately fervent as it was in previous centuries.


How shall modern citizens of a global nature cope with the nature of the Human Fall? First, it is dreadfully important to remove the original sin of the Fall with the Holy Blessing Marriage of God. Second, humanity needs to collectively spritz each other with the good news of Jesus Christ: “One spritz can make you feel happier; another drop-dead sexy; then there’s that confidence booster, stress reliever…the list of feels goes on.” (Leah, p.86) Like perfume that sways the senses in one direction or another the name of Jesus Christ is the catalyst of at least a brighter economic future for America and the world, not to mention the horizontal establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven also known in Korean as Cheon Il Guk. Nations are trapped in an economic scene that can either be still in time (to their disaster) or flowing as a cascading waterfall depending upon the desire of humankind. (Kropscot) The effort of the Last Days is to bring people into the awareness of Jesus Christ and his Second Coming Sun Myung Moon so that each and every human being can understand the difference between good and evil and not mindlessly fall into destruction.


April 4, 2018

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