Find Jesus Christ This Easter

“Can it be that human life originated with such a contradiction? How could beings with a self-contradictory nature come into existence? If burdened by such a contradiction from its inception, human life would not have been able to arise. The contradiction, therefore, must have developed after the birth of the human race. Christianity sees this state of destruction as the result of the human Fall.” (Divine Principle, p. 2 para 2)


This is really simple. A baby is born out of a woman’s womb. We once called this human a fetus but in all reality the core of the human being is our DNA. Whom does the DNA belong to? It belongs to Satan. Yet the baby survives unless it is murdered. It grows into a breathing infant and then into a child and then finally an adult. Scientific evidence is not enough to prove the worth of human life. Our worth has been obfuscated by the love life and lineage of Satan. Thus God has created a priceless ticket that is freely given to all people in order to access Him. That ticket has a name: Jesus.


Jesus Christ came to earth to create the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. Yet he was only able to hand the key to Peter. This meant that Jesus Christ died without giving God his rightful everlasting throne on this earth. Yet Humankind could see through a loop hole and enter Paradise with Jesus. God was enthroned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon before he crowned the established True Parents. The ticket to heaven was established by Jesus’s Second Coming of a name that no one knew but himself: Sun Myung Moon. (Revelation 3:12)


Due to the contradictory nature of humanity, this world as we know it will inevitably come to an end before God’s Kingdom of Heaven is horizontally manifested. The ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven is a pure Holy Blessing. This means that men and women of the fallen world return to the full Glory of God in Heaven on Earth through their DNA. The worth of humankind is directly connected to God and it is only by the ticket of true love in Jesus Christ that we can return to Him.



March 30, 2018


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