A Gentle River

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The sailor at rough seas is the same man as the fisherman on a gentle river but he deals with different environments as they need to be handled. This man is the conscience of a human soul when it confronts a difficult situation or one that is benign. Whether people are internally navigated by the metaphorical man at sea or a battalion of men and women who war confusingly for their thoughts and feelings and desires, the reality is: people are conflicted. What is right and what is wrong and who makes that decision? God is sought in religious, non-religious, and scientific experimentation as the source of truth and life.

A beautiful mediation center located in California calls for people to embrace Buddhist theology and discover the truth of life. These people do not talk about Jesus Christ on their “About” page and yet they talk about a relationship with an intangible force, which, they describe as “life.” It is pleasantly surprising to discover that this religious group also illustrates life as a constant source of joy and freedom. For human beings, the relationship with life can be with none other than a relationship with the Almighty God Lord of Lords the Tri-Head Absolute Authority of Heaven and Earth and All Humankind. Does Buddha have such an infinite title? No, he does not. It is truly wonderful that Spirit Rock Meditation Center admits that it supports an environment for and encourages folks to continue “letting go of the struggles” and “to clearly see the truth” of life with ease. The Divine Principle of Rev. Sun Myung Moon likewise explains:

“We find a great contradiction in every person. Within the self-same individual are two opposing inclinations: the original mind that desires goodness and the evil mind that desires wickedness. They are engaged in a fierce battle, striving to accomplish two conflicting purposes. Any being possessing such a contradiction within itself is doomed to perish. Human beings, having acquired this contradiction, live on the brink of destruction.” (Divine, p.2 para 1)

The benefit of Spirit Rock Meditation Center is that it allows for people to conscientiously see the bad in their lives, the “struggles,” and then to just keep “letting go.” The clarity of Christ is that he understands the concepts of good and evil. Even if God is not mentioned at this religious “About” webpage, Spirit Rock still invites online readers to understand a Buddhist process of seeking for the truth of life.

On a completely secular scale, Mindful magazine offers a solution to two-party disputes: bring in a third party! Of course, qualified professionals are preferred and expected when a dispute seems unresolvable due to bad tempers and harsh behaviours. “I cry out to the Lord with my voice; With my voice to the Lord I make my supplication. I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare before him my trouble.” (Holy, Psalm 142:1-2) People seek professional help for the personal disputes they have with others but the best advice can only come from God. In fact, the article (Meditations) briefly states that, “There are mediators who use mindfulness. Don’t be afraid to ask about that.” It is an admission in a secular magazine to a realm of thought beyond oneself. To seek help from a third-person is immediate proof of such an admission. Furthermore, when that mediator helps to settle a disagreement by turning his clients toward a higher state of awareness with reference to their own thoughts and feelings about the situation he inadvertently brings them into prayer. Men and women naturally turn their minds to God.

Given that God exists, the comfortable truths of life are not necessarily a proof of life itself. For instance, when a plant grows its growth cannot actually be proven albeit supported with evidence. According to graduate of Cambridge University Peter Gilmore, it will be very difficult to find evidence to overturn the hypothetical theory that a plant does grow. Just the very idea of proving God exists when the mere growth of a plant in the dirt cannot be proven just goes to show how incredibly ignorant intelligent scholars make themselves when they claim to know more than the rest of humanity. “If the data does not support a hypothesis, scientists must form a new hypothesis and conduct new experiments. When the data supports a hypothesis, scientists share their results with other scientists.” (Science) The glorious study of science is the process of seeking the truth and sharing it with other people. The gloriousness of science and the truth of it do not come from human say-so but from an accurate observation and experimentation to prove a hypothesis. If there is no hypothesis worth proving, there is no endeavor to find the truth of things, and then there is no experiment.

Science must acknowledge how truly important God is in the study of organic and inorganic subject matter. Secular society deliberately does not talk about God but it embraces the meditative mind. Religions that do not recognize Christ as the alpha male and the son of God still, in all vagaries try to distinguish good and evil from people’s lives in order to bring them to “life.”



March 27, 2018


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