Racial Fluidity In Genetics

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The satiation of evil desires is an effect of a deeper cause. The Holy Bible says that a man who walks in the law of God is “like a tree planted by the rivers of water.” How is it then that within a century of time genetics can change? It couldn’t possibly be the water that people drink which causes one person to go to school for a greater amount of time than, say, his friend named Albert. Genetics is a physical law that reflects whether a man is engrafted to the true olive tree of God’s lineage.  

Although science has not yet publicly advanced to the understanding of God’s lineage and Satanic lineage as it reflects in humanity there have been great steps forward in examining groups of people with certain health problems. David Reich testifies in his New York Times article that “It is not yet clear how these genetic variations operate.” Indeed, what is the ultimate cause of this universe? It is God. How does a simple scientist grapple with the eternal genetic code of salvation? Dr. Kong has likewise concluded from a study on Icelandic people that “there has been measurable genetic selection against the genetic variations that predict more years of education in that population just within the last century.” (Reich) The permeance of the golden unquestionable human genetic code is being discovered now in what appears to be a fluidity in the scientific understanding of DNA. Scientific evidence is proving, however haltingly, that genetics is not set in stone and can vary and perhaps even change naturally within any given human being during their own life-time. Scientists wonder whether genetics lends itself to essential average human behaviors or whether it is the other way around. The choices people make may affect their genetic strand. People without God’s lineage are the wild olive trees without the solid genetic code of God. His love is humanity’s saving grace. Genetics are fluid according to the invisible dominion to which one belongs.  

There is no way that God would create problems in the physical strands of DNA for a certain group of people and some other variable of pain for another group of people. (Divine) Like the fecal bacteria infested ice that spews out from fast food chains across the nation human lineage has been tainted with unrighteous evil due to the lineage of Satan. Water at fast food chains is not inherently dirty with coliforms of fecal contamination. (Sean) It is the people who have had their unwashed hands filthy with excretion on the machines that are the cause of poisoned water. Whose hands are on the life-line of humanity? The races today are not even permanent in the sands of time as they have been formed of an entirely different set of races from 10,000 years ago! (Reich) To say that a white man is genetically superior to a black man because of the color of his skin is complete hogwash. The reality is that a black man’s genetics can reflect a so-called European heritage while a white man can show up genetically African. The ultimate code for genetic fluidity has not yet been discovered but it is not a matter of predestination by God that any individual would suffer according to his race.  

“Has anyone realized the joy in which the original mind delights by pursuing evil desires? Whenever such desires are sated, we feel unrest in our conscience and agony in our heart. Would a parent ever instruct his child to be evil? Would a teacher deliberately instill unrighteousness in his students? The impulse of the original mind, which everyone possesses, is to abhor evil and exalt goodness.” (Divine Principle, p.1 para 3) 

The freedom of God’s lineage is that humanity can depart from the races of the old world that were established from the fall of Adam and Eve. Humanity is one race under God. The race of God is when all humanity of all parts of the world come together as one. It is comparable to the beautiful unity of all the rooms in a royal palace. Amanda Reynal put it nicely when she said, “Think of the rooms as symbiotic: You could take any piece of furniture, put it in another room and it would still work beautifully.” (Kogan) People belong together. God’s DNA will change and release the old painful stigmas of false racial tensions of the Satanic world.  

As science progresses it becomes increasingly important for humanity to recognize the lineage of God present and attainable here on earth through the Holy Blessing. World peace is just around the bend.  



March 23, 2018 

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