Tackling the Divine Principle

It can be quite intimidating to approach the crucial scripture of the Completed Testament age. We all have a Divine Principle sitting on our bookshelf or laying on the beside table. Do not hesitate to open up its humble cover and understand the miraculous logic of thinking that is God’s love. C’mon, we can do this! All it is is reading. We can dive right in.

“Books are patient.” –Anonymous

Remember, time is like a blank sheet of paper. Whether we write a best seller or a letter home is up to us. What will we do with the time at hand? Our lives are unique as God is unique or we would be animals. This life we live can be brilliant; So, let’s make it phenomenal. It will end eventually. Time is not something anyone but our 9-5 employers own of us. Every hour besides employment is ours. Truly, time is precious!

God continuously finds a way to love us and gently awaken us up from sleep: “Darling, open up your eyes and see the light. Will you drink this cup of coffee Today and hold me close to your heart?” Have we heard God’s tender scintillating love? Yes. We must be able to say that we have indeed heard His sweet voice. Say, we love you God…and wake up to His words now.


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