Resurrection or Restoration?

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Resurrection or Restoration?

All kinds of people of any nationality, race, culture, or religion are a vessel for God’s complete unrestricted true love. It may seem unfair to a believer who has led a righteous life that Jesus Christ opened his heart to receive anyone into Paradise. With the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who’s name is Sun Myung Moon, the circle of restoration is complete. This historical completion of God’s Providential word affects the resurrection of Jesus Christ and all His believers.

Jesus overcame death by the Resurrection because his spirit was an eternal spirit and the resurrection was mere proof that Jesus was the Messiah. God was manifest in Jesus Christ and through his spirit brought the light of eternal life back to his children who were blind in the darkness of the fall. Simply in believing Jesus a person is filled with the Holy Ghost and made new again so that their spirits will touch eternity, which, is Paradise.

Folks that believe in Jesus benefit from the merit of the age in which they live but people who could not believe in Jesus because he had not come yet could not benefit from the age in which they lived. The people of the Old Testament were such people. By merit of the age those who believed in the law of Moses and the God of Abraham could be restored to form spirits. Even then their spirits had an eternal nature. People of every age have sought the origin of this spiritual reality that is undeniably unique to humanity.

“Similarly, in conducting the providence of resurrection, God’s responsibility is to give us His Word and guidance, and our responsibility is to believe and practice it in order to fulfill the providence.” (Divine Principle. p.138, para 3)

The Ages of Restoration have now reached the time of the Completed Testament. Sun Myung Moon has given us the Divine Principle and if we believe and practice it we will certainly be completely saved as Jesus promised. The resurrection of Christ at his second coming must be realized physically on this earth just as it had been two-thousand biblical years ago at his first coming. Accordingly, our complete salvation must be realized during our own life-times on this earth as well. The foundation of the ages, Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age represent the three stages of growth that must be realized in our lives of faith.

Our resurrection in Christ has everything to do with the chronological history of restoration of God’s providence from the Old Testament to the Completed Testament. The resurrection of our spirits is carried out through four components: 1. Merit of the age, 2. Responsibility—God gives the word and we give our effort, 3. Earthly life, 4. Three stages of growth which correspond directly to the three stages in God’s providence. Now the resurrection of Christ is no longer a spiritual achievement that is incapable of eradicating original sin and the sin of conjugal love. It is physical. Salvation at Christ’s Second Coming is very real and tangible.

The scintillating details of salvation lie in the four position foundation. The Principle of Restoration through indemnity corresponds exactly with the restoration of the four position foundation in the Principle of Creation of the Divine Principle. The four position foundation is the family structure centered on God. The conjugal union is not a sin when it is connected to God’s Holy Lineage as it is a means for the propagation of God’s true love. God’s three great Blessings were to be fruitful multiply and have dominion. Multiplication of God’s children can hardly be called a sin. However. Multiplication of Satan’s children is a sin against the Purpose of Creation itself.

In the human fall Satan usurped God’s foundation by making himself the subject. Humanity thus lost the viewpoint of God. God was no longer the standard by which people measured their eternal lives. So, losing God’s standpoint is the first characteristic of fallen nature. Second, Adam and Eve lost their positions as God’s son and daughter. Third, Satan reversed the dominion of angels to be above human beings although they were created to be our servants. Fourth, Adam and Eve multiplied evil children rather than good. Through God’s Providence of Restoration all of this fallen nature is restored back to His original plan.

The providence of Restoration has been promoted by God as a lengthy effort to resurrect fallen human nature that stemmed from the fall and restore it to original human nature centered on God. Originally, we were to communicate directly with God. We were to stand as His sons and daughters not through adoption but by birthright. We were to have dominion spiritually and physically over all creation in Heaven and Earth. We were to be the living Kings and Queens of His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and be the amazing embodiment of True Parents as we created our own beautiful families centered on God. That is the four position foundation and the Purpose of Creation in a nutshell. With the completion of the Providence of Restoration we can now resurrect our original human nature centered on God.

-SC Gabb, Author, Photographer


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This essay is a study of section 2.1 of Chapter Resurrection and section 2.1 of Chapter Restoration in the Divine Principle.

Free canonized Divine Principle (PDF) can be obtained at

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