Numerological Dispensation of God’s Providence

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The Divine Principle breaks down the Bible from the life of Adam to the Christian believers of Today as a timeline which God uses to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. The timeline of Providential history can be broken down to a mathematical accuracy of three distinct two-thousand year periods. The foundation of faith is built upon central figures and time as well as actual offerings. This strong faith creates the foundation for the Messiah to arrive into our lives.

God’s Providence is broken down into three eras in the Divine Principle. First, is the era between Adam and Abraham. Within that two-thousand year time period two families were given the opportunity to establish a firm foundation of faith whereupon God could send the Messiah. In Adam’s family Cain and Abel were to establish the foundation upon which the Messiah could be received. Offerings of vegetation and livestock were made to God directly by the brothers. God, by His own hand, chose Abel to be humanity’s central figure. Neither was yet married. They were both in their youthful virginity and within God’s indirect dominion. Simply put, this family was—as the only human beings on earth—in a prime position to welcome Christ back into their lives. Yet Cain killed Abel. Therefore, evil prevented God from enacting His providence through them. Ten generations passed until God could find another family foundation wherein His foundation of faith could be established.

This time, God found His central figure in Noah. Yet a similar failure to establish the foundation of faith upon which God could send the Messiah occurred again with Noah’s family. With the untimely and disrespectful act of Ham upon Noah’s naked body all of God’s preparation was lost to Satan: offerings of wood, Noah the central figure, and the forty days and nights upon the ark. It was the parallel historical preparation that was lost in the family of Adam. Likewise, the foundation of faith which could have welcomed the Messiah in Noah’s family was too claimed by Satan.

Now, God moved his dispensation from the family level to the national level. Two-thousand years of grief and sorrow was lost to Satan. One man named Abraham showed faith in the Lord. God entrusted him to found the foundation of faith. However, when Abraham failed to cut the dove on the altar God could not claim his offering. God used Abraham as the central figure and through the dispensation of three generations in Abraham’s family, God was able to claim a symbolic foundation on the national level. Thus, the nation of Israel was recognized to have begun in Abraham. However, Abraham was not a true father of faith because he had not been serious enough in his offering. He failed to offer God true faith. Two thousand years again passed, now from Abraham to Jesus, so that God could reclaim from Satan the lost age between Adam and Abraham. Thus, when Jesus arrived the Jewish people were prepared to be more than a mere symbolic offering. Israelites, God’s chosen people, might have offered themselves to welcome Jesus Christ on a national foundation of faith.

“Hence, a period had to be set up in which those lost years could be restored through indemnity to God’s side; this is the significance of the two-thousand-year period from Abraham to Jesus.” (Divine Principle, p. 182 para 2)

Jesus, the only begotten son of God, did not receive the foundation God had prepared because the Jewish people denied his birthright as the King of Israel and forsook their central figure by sending him to the cross. All that God had prepared through Abraham and the two-thousand years that had been reclaimed from Satan was lost in an instant. The fallen Jewish brethren had destroyed the symbolic nationalism prepared through the family of Abraham and the compensation of time which the Lord had reclaimed to finally restore humanity through his son Jesus Christ on the foundation of faith. Foundation of faith always includes a central figure, time, and offerings. Satan now took claim over the fallen failings of humanity to welcome Christ on an established foundation of faith! Jesus, however, did not fail. He never lost his position as the Son of God and in giving his life to God even at the moment of death and utter abandonment he restored the living soul of God to manifest in humankind for ever and ever.

God’s eternal life is free but the cost of death is eternal life. Christians Today are in the position to reclaim the foundation of faith which has been carried out in a total 6000 year dispensation of God’s providence. We, as humanity must stand upon the established foundation that God has prepared to receive the Lord at His Second Coming now. God prepared the humble and honorable Korean people to receive the Messiah Sun Myung Moon. Another two-thousand year period between Jesus and Sun Myung Moon and the many offerings of gold, labor, prayer, time, et cetera, have been made by the world-wide congregation who supported Sun Myung Moon. The Messiah acted on a world-wide level and restored the position of the King of Kings back to God. Unfortunately, his life was cut short during a temporary coma. It was not long before Hak Ja Han (Moon) pulled the plug on her husband’s life and he died. God’s Kingship and authority in the victory of the True Parents were passed to Hyung Jin Moon and Yeonah Lee Moon who now are the physical representatives of God’s lineage and Kingship on this earth.

The dispensation of the three Kingships from Sun Myung Moon to Hyung Jin Moon to Shin Joon Moon can be understood by the symbolic establishment of the national level dispensation that Abraham, Issac, and Jacob had drawn out to begin the nation of Israel. Instead of waiting for the Messiah now, humanity simply must support and welcome the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven through the three Kingships of Cheon Il Guk founded by the True Father of faith our Messiah Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. There is no mystery in the light of God’s truth and salvation.

– SC Gabb, Author
This essay is a study of Section 2.1 of Introduction to Restoration in Part II of the Divine Principle.


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