Virgin True Mother



Why did the mother of God have to be a virgin? Jewish people at the time of Jesus’s birth procreated under the law of marriage given by God to Moses. A virgin is a pure vessel whom God can transform into his Beloved Son or Bride. So, Mary was God’s virgin bride who conceived Jesus Christ through Zechariah the priest who was filled with the Holy Spirit when he acted as God’s vessel to impregnate Mary with God’s sperm.

A virgin bride is the prerequisite condition for any woman to stand in the Victory of True Parents. The reason is this: The woman who fulfilled the Victory of True Mother was a virgin; God can only love in principle; True Absolute Sex is unattainable with a person who has known multiple sex partners; A woman becomes the Bride of Christ in His standard of purity.

True Mother is a married woman who has given birth to children; In the Holy Blessing, she is a virgin bride of God through Christ and her husband is a Beloved Son of God through Christ in his virginity; Ideally they are of God’s bloodline (no original sin). There is no True Mother unless these conditions are met. Virgin men and women become True Parents once they share their conjugal love in Holy Blessing and conceive a child. If a man and woman under the Holy Blessing should even think of a man or woman outside of their marriage as a conjugal partner they are not only committing adultery but incest as all men and women are sons and daughters of God.

Knowing the four-position-foundation and the relationships of Parents and children, brothers and sisters, and husband and wife, God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth allows no room for men and women who violate true love. Selfish desire simply cannot exist in a world where true love is in every place at all times. There is no emptiness nor injustice in that world because people do not reciprocate upon evil desires. Love is clear. Goodness abounds.

If, however, there is evil it will not continue even if it does persist for a time. Everyone will come into God’s sovereignty in time. Hak Ja Han, the woman who fulfilled the position of True Mother and gave that victory to the couple of Hyung Jin Moon, is also the woman who fulfills the prophecy of the queen widow Harlot of Babylon in the book of Revelation. This is tragic and should show all men and women of these Last Days that any position can be lost and is not permanent.

Vigilance must be exercised especially over and around the new (second, at the time of this writing) King of God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven, Hyung Jin Moon. If there is any evil that manifests upon His Kingship on Earth all humanity will be to blame. God’s Kingship must consist of a man and woman who carry God’s bloodline at the very least. Lack of virtue and vigilance gives Satan a way to directly attack the bloodline of God. Thus, if there is any stench of dishonesty, resentment, lust, or any type of sin it must burn in the public standard of Heaven. This is God’s way.

Couples in an intimate love relationship must realize that their conjugal love is just as public as a televised soccer game in the Spiritual World. Spirit World does not have any barriers. Are you aware that your ancestors and all of Heaven can gather in your room and stand beside your bed and watch you as you have sex? You must realize that Heaven is public and sexual love is not for shame. Sexual love is the manifestation of God’s love and the ultimate creative act. It is not a shame in the Kingdom of Heaven to exercise Absolute Sex between a man and woman who have been Blessed with the Holy Blessing Covenant of Marriage.

Sun Myung Moon is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. His is the Holy Spirit who represents God’s Spirit in the Spiritual World. Jesus’s mission to establish God’s Kingship and royal family on earth has been completed through Sun Myung Moon. The Victory of True Parents have been given to Hyung Jin Moon’s couple. The children of True Parents may rejoice in full salvation now as True Parents themselves. True Parents have been fully restored in God’s bloodline, given to, and continued by the couple of Hyung Jin Moon. All humanity will naturally enter the Royal Family of God through the Holy Marriage Blessing. The Providence of God is generational. Hallelujah for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

-Somiya Chapman (Author)

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