The Body and Bride of God

May our salvation be as a pleasing sweet-smelling aroma- Christ’s victory- to God!


Finding fullness in Christ


Men are sons in relation to True Parents. Women are daughters to them. Who are these True Parents? They are the restored Adam and Eve. Adam, Sun Myung Moon (the third Adam), restored the unfallen position of True Parents as the Second Coming of Christ. Why must it be that a man represents God and is logically in a closer position to God? It is because God created Adam first, man represents the subject role, men hold the seed of God. Naturally, women are the more external reality of God and revolve around the unity of God and man thus fulfilling the three object position where God, man, and woman find one unity. From that unity comes the four-position-foundation. This is the ideal that God envisioned for His children Adam and Eve, an ideal which can only be attained through Christ’s sacrificial course of salvation.

The position of the son and daughter were lost due to the fall. Thus in Jesus Christ we became brothers. In True Parents we become the direct sons and daughters of God rather than only adopted through the representative of Jesus Christ. Amazingly enough, Through the Coronation of True Parents Victory upon the couple of Moon Hyung Jin all people now have every right and capacity to stand as True Parents in union with God directly. True Father, Sun Myung Moon, really has restored and offered this pleasing salvation to humanity and in doing so has indeed freed God. God no longer has to keep His garden of Eden to Himself. He can share it with everyone as He intended to do with Adam and Eve.

All there is left to do is for each and every human being to grow in freedom and responsibility and restore themselves to the position of True Parents. How valuable is our one spouse in such understanding! How much more does God value our unique and precious couple? This is what we must think of each other in the last days. Family units are the harbingers of God’s Kingdom. Not only are we as individuals meant to be the son and daughter of God but as a family fulfill all the relationships in respect to God and thus act as His body of love. God is love. Amen.

Aju. Aju. Aju.
-Somiya Chapman (Author)

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