True Parents: An Extension of the Son of God

All the glory of the True Parents, True Family, all the Blessed Central Families, peace movements, and the organizations of the Unification Church is an extension of the Son of God Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.


True Parents: An Extension of the Son of God


The returning Christ of the Second Advent whom God prepared before conception just as He did for Jesus Christ who came before him is Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. At the age of sixteen Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon was officially passed the mission of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven by Jesus Christ in a special meeting on a mountain top.


Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon explains that all people are to reach full perfection in the Second Coming of Christ as true families made of true parents and true children. The selfless loving nature of God’s true model family is clearly depicted.


“The path is now wide open for humanity to establish true families. God’s true family establishes the pattern for people to live for the sake of others. The warm environment of oneness based on true love and respect between true parents and true children, mutual fidelity and true love between true husband and wife, and trust and mutual reliance among siblings is the manifestation of the model, true family.”


All of humankind are to fulfill the full salvation of becoming true parents, which is only possible because True Parents is an extension of the singular Savior of humanity and returning Messiah: Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.


“God’s Providence has now spread from the North American continent and blossomed in the island civilization of Japan, which is in a position similar to that previously held by Great Britain, but on the other side of the world. It is now about to fulfill its destiny by reaching fruition on the Korean peninsula, the homeland of the True Parents who have emerged on the earth as the Savior of humanity and the returning Messiah. The Korean peninsula stands in a position similar to that of Rome in Jesus’ time.”


Always seen to uplift True Parents before himself, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon selflessly lives for the sake of others as True Father: his True Mother, a position that was victoriously established by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and all of humanity. Unfortunately, Hak Ja Han has plagiarized the life work and scriptures of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and thus loses all credibility of her doctorate and has even retracted her position of True Mother as testified by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon himself. Nevertheless, the victory itself of True Parents has been passed onto his last son and heir Hyung Jin Moon so that he can represent the King of Kings together with his spouse in the throne of God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.


-Somiya Chapman (Author)


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