The Revolution of the Second Coming of Christ

The Second Coming of Christ is Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.


The Revolution of the Second Coming of Christ
“Now the revolutionary era after the coming of heaven, the time of harvest, has arrived. This year, I will continue to guide you in carrying out this universal revolution for the restoration of humanity. Please do not hesitate! Let us hold hands and together uphold the heavenly decree in fulfilling our calling and responsibility! How can we avert our eyes from the situation in which tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters are dying helplessly while waiting for salvation?”

When has any organization truly been honest? Jesus had his disciples but he died before he could even found any recognized organization as the harbinger of the actual Kingdom of God, of which he should have been crowned with a crown of gold as King. Instead he walked the way of the Crucifixion with a crown of thorns to pay indemnity for the sins of all people. There had been two prophecies about the Son of God and Jesus bore the cross to physically symbolize God’s forgiveness for humankind since nobody understood His love!

Now at the time of the high noon where no shadows are cast we people can be free to speak honestly. At this time there is freedom to speak and be heard and in that freedom to bring goodness to humankind, to separate evil from good, and to live in God’s full magnificence. Every human-being is precious to God. He loves us with exacting accuracy and we cannot escape Him even if we try. He loves us before we know ourselves, before our conception, and eternally, which, is what it means to have eternal life, as people of his love life and lineage. Are we supposed to obscure our consciences for knowledge, wealth, or power in this revolutionary era? No, we can and must stand in a living relationship with God before any other. In our fullness with God we can complete the relationships of Heaven in the four-position-foundation in sync with the Perfection of the Victory of True Parents.

Now is the time to create a revolutionary movement to encourage and welcome God’s standard as the regular and normal standard of our earthly lives. We can only build His Heavenly Kingdom with His amazing standard of goodness. We may not be perfect but in His perfection we can walk the path of true love and never go astray. The beginning point in this perfection is knowing the Divine Principle. The value and worth of every child is immeasurable and we should praise God for His miracles. We do not know the worth of our lives, therefore, and we must understand that the one true God is the one and only God who gives us the worth of our existence.

Sun Myung Moon is the Second Coming of Christ. I repeat, the Second Coming of Christ has come! Please find a copy of the Divine Principle online at and tune into DPconversations at for a daily dose of Divine Principle. Sanctuary Church is open for all people. Again, check out their website at for news and updates on church events. Watch the sermons of Sanctuary Church Pastor, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon at just search for Persecuted Sanctuary Church.

-Somiya Chapman (Author)

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Rev. Dr. Moon, Sun Myung. Peace Messages, Twelfth Message of Peace. Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Republic of Korea. December 26, 2007. (p.222, para 4)

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