Victory of True Parents Coronation To the Couple of Hyung Jin Moon


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The victory of True Parents was bestowed upon the child of Rev. Sun Myung Moon to be the respresentative King of all humanity; The coronation of Hyung Jin Moon and his wife signifies the completion of salvation for all people who now have every capacity to stand in the position of the True Parents. There can only ever be one True Parents. One True Parents only is recognized by God as His embodiment. Every single person is to live in the restored victory of True Parents.

The children have been given the final victory of heaven and can live in the realm of complete liberation as True Parents. Whoever proclaims True Parents outside of the coronation of the victory of the True Parents upon Hyung Jin Moon and his wife is a heretic and destroyer of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it in in Heaven (the Kingdom of Heaven is Cheon Il Guk in Korean).

-Somiya Chapman (Author)


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2 thoughts on “Victory of True Parents Coronation To the Couple of Hyung Jin Moon”

  1. Hello Somiya,
    Thank you for doing what you are doing!
    About 8 months ago, we met briefly at Sanctuary Church when I approached you and said, ” Hi, I know you from somewhere…” Then you said, ” From DP conversations?” To which I said, ” No, your mother is/was on East Garden/ Belvedere staff, right? Your mother always treated me nicely especially giving me 불고기.” We laughed.
    Perhaps you might remember me also b/c I speak Korean.

    Many people feel as you do about the whole situation with FFWPU and Sanctuary. I no longer attend there for their treatment of me and the cray cray that’s happening. Though we feel the same, we are not as bold ( we’re chickens), but something must be done.
    If we do nothing, the True Family will continue to devour themselves then when HJH dies, the girls will enter the battle. Hatered, court cases, and wasted resourcrs and money will widdle away True Father’s foundation. The remaining members will fade away or worse become staunch anti-moonies.
    I think if enough of us “middle of the road” members come together we can change the going tide, reverse the problems, and grow.

    I am living back in Irvington again and there are like-minded people here, people you know. Can we, or our families, meet one day and see where we can go. I have some ideas, you have some ideas, and so do others, together, I bet we can figure something out.
    Send me an email to please and lets see what we can accomplish.

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